KT Douglas Diary

Labas! That is my new way of saying hello in Lithuanian. Yeah, here I am everyone, coming to you live from Vilnius, Lithuania. You might be wondering where exactly that is. I also had this thought while deciding to come here and play. However, I have learned that it is somewhere in Eastern Europe, bordering countries such as Belarus and Russia.

Vilnius is definitely not what I had pictured. I had been to some Eastern European cities in the past. But by far, this one takes the cake. It is very nice here where we are. Let me note that when I refer to ‘we,’ I am also speaking about Jen Derevjanik. We both play on the same team here, and it has been great to play with someone that you already know and enjoy being around. So now that has been explained. We live in the old town – the downtown part of the city. We are walking distance from all sorts of shopping, eating, and entertainment. It has been quite an adventure at times, getting lost around the city, but we are making the proper adjustments and handling the city much better than before.

Our team is off to a great start as well. We just played our second Euroleague game and won. We are currently 2-0 in the competition. However, both games were at home, and we are preparing for our next game on Wednesday in St. Petersburg, Russia. I have never ventured to that particular city, but I am looking forward to checking it all out. During this competition, I will meet up with some current and former WNBA teammates. Taj and Pee Wee Johnson's teams are both in our pool, in which we play each other twice. I am looking forward to seeing them both and having the opportunity to catch up.

Other than the exciting games going on here, I often spend my time between the internet and watching some good movies. I would have to say that the best movie/series I have watched thus far was the Playmakers series. I think that it was on ESPN last year, and ran for about one season. I got a hold of the DVD and watched it, and it was so addictive. I would stay up late at night trying to get through a disk to know what happened next. I was very sad though when it was over, and more upset when I learned that it was cancelled. Now I have no season two to look forward to. That is life I guess, and I am now going to work on watching The Sopranos series. I don't really watch too much TV when I am in the States, so I like to come over here with a couple good things to watch, and to keep up with the real world.

So I think The Sopranos is what my Friday night is looking like. I am going to sign off for now, but stay tuned for many more episodes of ‘KT's Life in Vilnius.’

Until then…