Kamesha Hairston Guard/Forward

Who was the first person you called after you were drafted?
My sister. She was excited, just screaming on the phone.

If you werenít at Sun training camp today, where would you be?
Finishing school. I just have an internship left to do.

Did you have a favorite basketball player growing up?
Sheryl Swoopes and, of course, my coach (Dawn Staley).

Is this your first time in Connecticut?
Actually, we played our tournament at UConn. I didnít really get to see the city or much of anything.

First impressions?
Itís very spread out.

Is there a player you look forward to playing with or against?
I look forward to playing with KT and Nykesha.

What strengths do you bring to the Sun?
Athleticism, rebounding, another shooter to add to the bunch. Iím pretty good defensively, Iím long. I think I bring a little bit in every area.

What sport other than basketball do you enjoy playing?
I ran track and I did high jump. I have the school record in high jump. I can jump pretty high.

Describe your first car.
My first car was a Cavalier, 1998. I called it my Bentley.

Whatís your dream car?
Right now, I want a Range or a Mercedes.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Eat, shop and sleep.

Is there a TV show you canít miss?
Not now. When Fresh Prince was on, Iíd say that.

If you had to sing karaoke, what song would you sing?
It would be Whitney Houston, ďGreatest Love of All.Ē

Favorite movie?
Miami Vice

Favorite book?
Thereís a book called Real Leadership by John Maxwell

Whatís the best advice youíve ever gotten?
Be who you are. Donít let anyone steal your dreams, or take your dreams away from you. If you want something, go after it.