Jamie Carey Diary 2

Wow, what a last couple of weeks it has been for our team. A few weeks ago, we headed out west for our week long west coast trip. Our first adventure started in Boston with the realization that the flight to LA was going to take six hours. Furthermore, the airline was not going to serve any food. Now, if any of you know how much we eat as basketball players, six hours is far TOO long to go without eating. So it was a mad dash to try to find food in the airport!

Before boarding the plane, a couple of us started talking about how in the movies the girl always seems to find her future husband and love of her life as they just so happen to sit next to one another on the plane. We were talking about how this just never seems to happen, at least for us, as we have all spent a ton of time on flights all over the world. So we decided to see who of the three of us would come the closest to our fantasy! I most definitely won, mainly because I was the only one who was seated next to a male! However, when we landed in LA, we quickly realized that Richard Dreyfus was on our plane. We also realized how powerful the camera angle can be. So many movie stars are so much smaller in person than they appear on camera.

One of the highlights of the LA trip was eating dinner together at a bar and grille while watching Game 5 of the NBA Finals. In my opinion, it was arguably the best game of the series. It was entertaining not only watching the game, but watching the intoxicated individuals trying to (a) follow what was actually occurring in the game, and (b) yelling at the TV without falling over into another's dinner plate! Pure entertainment at its best!

Our next adventure was in Seattle, which is such a great city to visit. I had my first experience eating at Bennihana's with Margo and Laura. It is amazing to me how they fling those knives around and manage not to injure anyone!

The next day, was an emotional one. Following the game against Seattle, we found out that Coach T's mother had passed away. Perspective quickly emerged in a different light in our locker room with this news. I personally respect and admire Coach T's strength, courage, and persistence throughout this time period. It is during the most adverse times in life that you truly learn the most about an individual. From myself, from our team, we pass along our prayers and thoughts to Coach T and his entire family.

From Seattle, our next two destinations were Sacramento and Phoenix. The story begins following the game against Sacramento. We left the gym around 10 pm that evening with our quest to find food, get a little bit of rest, and be back on the bus to head to Phoenix at 4:30 am. Most of us getting very little sleep, we climbed on the bus to head to the airport, excited to reach our seats so we could sneak in a little more rest. I was seated in an aisle row and fell asleep before the airplane even left the gate. To my great surprise, I awoke to a burning sensation up and down my entire left leg, from my hip to my foot. Yep, the flight attendant had spilled an entire pot of coffee on my leg! Let me just set out a country-wide warning: CAUTION: COFFEE IS HOT!!! In my sleepy confusion over what had just happened, I somehow found the situation somewhat funny as the flight attendant apologized all over herself. Later I told her she was lucky I love the smell of coffee!

Once we arrived in Phoenix, we all had our sights on the first possible moment we could lay our heads on our pillows and get some rest. This was the topic of conversation throughout our team breakfast! Once we were all done, we were so excited to head to the hotel. Upon arrival, we were told to report to a specific room immediately. We all thought it was a quick meeting to watch some film and go over our game plan for that evening. Nope, that would be far too easy! Yep, drug testing-everyone, the entire team. Might I mention that some of us had just used the restroom about 5 minutes before walking into the room! At this point, delirium had fully set in, and absolutely everything was funny. The theme of the morning became, "Keepin' it real!" Needless to say, we eventually all made it to bed. Later that night, we took care of business against the Mercury to finish out our long road trip!

I think I have rambled enough for now, so I am going to head out. Until next time...