Jamie Carey Diary

Sun guard Jamie Carey is in her rookie year with the WNBA. Jamie comes to the Sun after a successful college career in Texas. We asked Jamie to keep a diary. Here are her thoughts.

Hey ya'll (yes, I came here from deep in the heart of Texas, so I will have a bit of a southern tang. Don't worry, ya'll will get used to it, my parents did :) )! This is my first season with the Connecticut Sun, and I'm lovin' every minute of it. Ya'll see on a daily basis what happens in our basketball lives, so I'm going to take a different route and keep it mostly off the court.

Thus far, I have found my most opportune learning experiences occurring with Laura Summerton. Laura is a born and raised Aussie coming from down under. We have had a few translation sessions to get on the same page!

One day she asked me to "open the boot". I looked down at my feet baffled as I was wearing flip flops. She then tapped the trunk of the car and said, "Yea, the boot, you know, the trunk!" We both started laughing hysterically. I think we both mildly entertain one another with our respective accents!

Last week we traveled to Texas for a little homecoming for Margo, Taj, and I. Texas proved itself consistent with regards to the weather, it was HOT and HUMID. In some strange way, I miss the humidity, but I hear that it will make its way to Connecticut later in the summer! Can't wait! One exciting thing about being in San Antonio was the atmosphere of the NBA Finals lurking in the air. The Detroit Pistons and many administrators and television crews of the NBA stayed at our hotel. It was fun to experience the excitement and anticipation of the Finals. I saw many of the players walking outside with their golf clubs. I desperately wanted to ask them for some much needed help on my golf swing! I opted not to though; their clubs are probably just a little too big for me!

Next we head out west for four tough road games with LA, Seattle, Sacramento and Phoenix. With a week long road trip, I'm sure I'll have lots of great stories for ya'll next time!