Jamie Carey Diary: Talkin’ Texas

Hey ya’ll.

Back for some more; this time from Austin, Texas! Since the season ended, I have been working on completing my masters at UT (University of Texas). If ya’ll could do a huge collective interpretive dance to help me along that would be great! :) That just might give me the much-needed push to get through this semester!

Austin has been great thus far, being immersed in the burnt orange once again. I was welcomed home with a straight week of over 107 degree weather. It was incredibly hot and humid. So much so, that my car decided it was just too hot to function, and well, plain refused to run. I can’t say I blame my car for that one! The weather has since cooled off just a bit! About two weeks following this heat wave, I was in an airport (surprise, surprise) watching the news and the weatherman said we had experienced a “cold front”, with which he showed the screen displaying the temperatures, which read “84”. A COLD FRONT!!!!! For what it is worth though, following 8 days of 107 degree weather, it did in fact feel like a cold front. (smile)

Okay, enough about weather. Let’s move to the buzz around Austin these days…How about them Longhorns? This town, OK, really the entire state, is crazed over football. Whoever saw the movie, Friday Night Lights, it accurately portrays how it really is here. We’ll just call it highly enthused about the game of football for the time being! Anyway, so football has always ruled the town from September till the bowl game. This year, it is flat-out nuts how excited everyone is about Texas Football. And rightfully so. We finally beat OU! :) One Saturday morning, I was riding my bike from my condo to the practice facility to practice with the women’s team. It’s a nice little bike ride through campus typically taking me approximately 8 minutes. That morning, because of the madness of the football game, it took me 25 minutes. On bike. It really was a great atmosphere. More than ever, between this summer at the Mohegan Sun, and being back here in Austin, I have realized the importance of having a great fan base! It adds an exciting element to the sport! I must say, I always enjoyed the support you fans gave us throughout the summer…THANK YOU!!!!

Besides football games and musing through various papers and midterms, this fall I have really taken the time to enjoy Austin. It really is a fantastic city! I have been able to listen to various local artists perform at local bars and clubs. This has to be one of my favorites! Along with that, I have been to various local natural springs. One of my favorites is out in The Hill Country. You hike down a dirt trail along a stream to a point where you run into a natural waterfall emptying into a swimming well. It is incredibly cold, but what a great place to go for the day! So yes, “Laura Sum Sum Summerton”, I have been working on my swimming a little bit! :) I need much help as I am a rock in the water!

I will only be in Austin for another month or so. Then I will be heading to Colorado, where I will stay until next April. My parents live there still as that is where I grew up. I am ecstatic about being able to see and spend time with them. It has been 7 years too long since we have been able to do that!

To end on a basketball note, my rookie season was one I could not have asked any more from. My teammates and coaches were fantastic, all of which I do miss. Where ever ya’ll are out there, hello from Austin! The Connecticut Sun is an organization made of champions through and through. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of something so rare. Furthermore, the state of Connecticut truly knows how special women’s basketball is and ya’ll show it. Thank you for supporting the Connecticut Sun, as well as for supporting women’s basketball!

For now, I must go jump on another plane! My best to everyone!