Getting to know you...Megan Mahoney


Megan Mahoney




Kansas State ‘05

What is your favorite book?

“Favorite book is The Purpose Driven Life.”

Who is your favorite basketball player?

“I’m kind of biased on this one. I’m going to go with a female. It’s my old teammate, Nicole Ohlde, because she amazes me. At practice, I’d just pass her the ball and watch her go to work.”

Is this your first time in Connecticut? What was your first impression?

“I was here a few times last year for games. I like all the trees. They’re pretty. They kind of hide everything. I like it, so far.”

Who is the player you most look forward to playing against and why?

“Tamika Catchings. She’s another one of my favorite players. I like the way she plays. Obviously, she’s a great player.”

Who is the player you most look forward to playing with and why?

“(Lindsay) Whalen and Nykesha Sales. I played against Whalen in college and she kicked our butts. Both of them are fun to watch and they’re great players. I’m excited to be on the floor with them.”

What would you be doing if you were not here at Sun training camp?

“That’s a good question. I don’t know what I would be doing actually. What I’d like to be doing is being a rock singer like Kelly Clarkson. I think that would be awesome, but I have no singing talent whatsoever so that’s out of the question. It’s kind of one of those things, if I could be anything… I’m terrible, though. Only in the shower or in my car is when I’ll do it.”

Do you have any superstitions/pregame rituals?

“Nothing too serious. I always pray before the game. I usually listen to chill music first to get my mind focused. Then, once it’s closer to game time, I kinda pump it up a little bit ‘cause I want to get excited.”

What is your favorite basketball moment?

“Being drafted would be pretty high up there, but that’s not a guarantee that you’ll make the team. Probably one of my favorite moments was in college, we beat Arkansas in the NCAA Tournament at home. We were all freshmen and sophomores. There were four freshmen and one sophomore starting in front of a packed house. It was pretty exciting.”

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