Meghan Colorado Springs: Katie you are the best!! Congrats on making it to the finals!! What is different about this team than any other you have played on in the past? Gook luck the rest of the way!!

Katie Douglas: What's different is the feeling of team chemistry. This team has figured out its identity, and we feel good playing with each other and for each other and that is something we really have here with this team.

Catherine (South Carolina): Hey Katie! Congratulations on making on the WNBA finals! Do you ever think that would ever happen to you when you were little? Tell Lindsay I said hey! Thanks!

Katie Douglas: When I was little there wasn't a professional woman's league but even as a rookie coming into the WNBA, it was hard to even imagine being in the Fnals three years later. I'm real happy for the opportunity to play in the WNBA Finals and I think I'm really going to enjoy it.

jane, rochester: Katie - How has practice been this week and was it hard to wait to see who you would be playing in the finals?

Katie Douglas: Practice was good this week. We took Monday off to recover from the NY series. Tuesday was general preparation and the last two days was preparation specifically for the Seattle Storm. I was anxious waiting for who our opponent was but now that we know what we're up against, we're focusing on Seattle.

helen, newton, ct: Katie - What kind of coach is Coach Thibault?

Katie Douglas: Coach Thibault, is what I would call a player's coach. He understands the needs of a player, we're always welcome to offer our opinions, he has an open door policy. Plus, most of the time he's a pretty funny guy.

oc, juneau, alaska: katie: Who on the team keeps everybody loose?

Katie Douglas: I'm looking know a few people do a good job. Lindsay Whalen has a good sense of humor, I also add some energy to my teammates, too. I'd say us two.

Joan (Sheffield): I notice you like to punch your friend Blaze alot, why is that? :) Go Sun!

Katie Douglas: They noticed I like to punch Blaze alot? Blaze is pretty aggressive with me behind the scenes, so I have to retaliate when I have the chance.

Joy (Natchez, MS): Hey Katie! Congrats on a great year and making the Finals. Is reaching the WNBA Championship Finals as exciting as reaching the NCAA Championship game?

Katie Douglas: I think so. As an athlete you want to win a championship no matter what level you are at. I'm just trying to enjoy the moment and bring home another championship.

ignatio, el paso: katie, what are your first and second keys for you to be sucessful in game 1?

Katie Douglas: My personal keys for this series are to be a spark and a disruption on Sue Bird and to just go out and play hard.

Amy(Titusville): Hey, KT! Great job this season. You guys are going to be great in the finals. My question is what has your dog Scooby been up to? I haven't heard about him for a while.

Katie Douglas: Well thanks, Amy for following us this season. Scooby is alive and well and he still resides with a family who loves and cares for him in West Lafayette.

Marilyn (Glastonbury, CT): Hey Katie! It has been so great to watch you play this season. We just know that you will win this weekend! Will you be playing in Greece this coming season or staying in the US?

Katie Douglas: Unfortunately neither of those two options is in my future. After the season I will be playing in Vilnius, Lithiuania.

Katie Douglas: I'd like to give a big shout out to all our fans and we hope to bring home a WNBA Championship to the Connecticut Sun!