Nicole (Florida): Hey Debbie what's it like to be playing with instead of against pee-wee, and what did u think of the road uniforms last season? I'm glad they're changing the color!

debbie black: First of all it's great to play with a point guard like Shannon Johnson. We're able to learn from each other every day in practice. And yes, I am glad they are changing the road uniforms.

new york : Debbie are you satisfied with your playing time here or are you looking for an expanded role here or elsewhere?

debbie black: Controversial question. Yes, of course I want more playing time, but I hope it will be here with the Connecticut Sun this season. I will always consider going where people need me for more minutes.

evette, st.louis: Debbie - What do you want to do after your playing career?

debbie black: I'm currently doing work with the Philadelphia 76ers, with marketing. That and coaching are two directions I am looking into.

Danielle (NC): Hey Debbie, I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to sign autographs (with a great attitude) and for appreciating the fans. You are a very down to earth person, and I think that is very cool.

debbie black: Thank you. Without you, the fans, we wouldn't have a league, it's my pleasure.

Catharine Elementary School Philadelphia, Pa: We read the book Tiny, Terrific Debbie Black by John David. The class would like to know 1) Where did you grow up and go to elementary school? 2) When you were young, how did you know you wanted to play basketball? 3) Where are you living now? 4) The next time you are in philadelphia could you come by our school and visit? We are about 20 minutes from St. Joe's.

debbie black: I went to St. John Bosco in Warminster, Pennsylvania. I just played all sports and basketball was the one that I excelled at the best. I live in Lanbenberg, Pa. I'd like to say Yes, maybe someday soon I will be in the area.

gene, hartford: what is your perspective on being among the shorter players in the league and how do you "deal" with that lack of height?

debbie black: I've never had a problem with my height. I don't think of myself as short when I get on the court. It's never been a problem.

paula, baton rouge: What other sports or hobbies do you like to do?

debbie black: I played three sports in college, field hockey, basketball and softball, and I love soccer too. I also like all outdoor sports, camping, hiking, sailing. Anything that involves activity. (laughing).

sketch (ohio): what was it like to go the playoffs with the sun last season? what do you think the team needs to win it all?

debbie black: It was great to get that far, but we were two games shy of winning it all. It was a great first year.

lenny (hartford): what have you been doing since the season ending?

debbie black: I've worked a number of basketball camps, I went to Greece for a couple of weeks and now I am working with the Sixers. Of course, I am also working out every day. I would never slack off in that (laughing).

Laura (New London): I know you've been active with kids and PHT in the past. Are you still involved?

debbie black: Yes, I am still actively involved. I am a spokeperson for the group addresing pulmonary hypertenion.

dee, Akron, Ohio: What keeps you motivated to still play so hard?? Good Luck next season!

debbie black: I guess just my competitive nature. I love the game, it's my passion. Someone pays me to play basketball, so it's no problem playing hard when I would do it for free.

debbie black: I'd like to thank the WNBA and the Sun fans for all of their support. Without them, we wouldn't be here, and I hope we continue to receive their support.