Czech’in Up With TJ

Hi out there in the world of hi-tech computers and cyberspace. I am here, T.J., your friendly neighborhood wonder woman, in Italy. It is great to be home. And yes, I am still wishing that the final two games had been in Connecticut. Oh well, maybe next year.

I just cannot believe where the time has gone, but once again, I am surrounded by loved ones – my hubby, Tangela, and daughters Maia Simone and Michele – and I am loving my place in this world. Even if it is missing that lovely championship trophy. By the way, for you all who do not know, I lost the Italian championship last year in the final game too. I think. Or maybe it was Game 3...hmmm … maybe I am just getting old. So I have spent a whole year losing championships. Kinda feels crappy by the way. Well, that is how it goes. Hopefully one day soon, I will be able to hold the trophy and love on it, like we did on those ESPN2 commercials.

I am starting a new season overseas again, but not in Italy this year. Nah, Italy has way too many games, and too much practicing, and too much other stuff. I just want to play without worrying about anything like visas, a nice car, practicing 19 hours a week with two games and conditioning in between. I am way too old for that now. Oh, did I mention that I am now 34, way over the legal limit for practicing forever? So, I have taken this 34 year old show to the old world. OK, maybe not old, but older than me – yup, the Czech Republic. Seems as if this young lady by the name of Romana Hamzova heard of me before (for you old Orlando Miracle heads, she was an original member), and she still wants to see if I’ve got the juice to play in the Euroleague. Well actually her husband and a very nice agent think that, but that is for another piece. So on November 1st or October 31st, I traveled to Brno, which I do not know the exact location of, to try my hand at the Czech Republic League, (sans family).

All you history buffs correct me if I am wrong, but, I think it used to be Czechoslovakia, and then they split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Two, totally different countries and with two totally different karmas. Brno will be my home for the next 6.5 months, and let me tell you, I will be bringing it to you live every month, so check me out again. I think their money is the zloty, but they use Euros too. It will be another interesting test of my social skills, but one I look forward too. I heard they are a great team too, so that helps a lot. And do not tell anyone, but they are going to pay me too--ssshhhhh! That’s a secret.


Most definite thanks to all the CT SUN fans that hold it down for us NON UCONN players, which means a whole lot to us. Thanks to all the fans who wore my new jersey, and I feel sad for those people who are on E-Bay selling our items that they said were for a cousin or their personal collections. They are probably the same people who are selling Lance Armstrong‘s yellow bracelets (LIVESTRONG, which is going to his foundation for cancer and its survivors) for 20 bucks when they only paid $1 and the money went to charity, and the other 19 bucks is going into their pockets. Hey folks, do not buy that stuff. A special THANKS to Ms. Joy and Joshua, Genine and my other family: THE BURNS’. They were loving on me while my family was away for those last 7 weeks and I would not have made it without them.

Take care everyone and always remember to look up for your help in the time of trouble.

Beam me up Scottie……
Taj T.J. McWilliams-Franklin