Katie Douglas Diary

Well Sun fans it has been quite a long time! I do apologize, but things have been absolutely crazy during my off-season. Almost hard to believe it is already a New Year! So first off, Happy New Year to everyone! I guess I will recap what I have been doing ever since the WNBA finals, because that is where the madness all got started!

KT Douglas and her husband V We got home from a very disappointing end to our season, losing to Sacramento in the WNBA Finals, but I tried not to let that one series diminish what we had done all year. We had a great season, one with many records and memories. And although we came up on the short end of the stick once again, I think these experiences only make you tougher and stronger for the future.

So once back in Connecticut, it was time to say goodbye to all of my beloved teammates and get to packing. It was intense packing up and preparing to take the plunge Ė a.k.a. getting married! So I rushed out a few days later to Athens, Greece, and had about four wonderful days in Greece before my wedding. It was so much fun, and there were about 20 Americans that made the long trip over to see me get hitched. We had a great week there, and definitely a time that I will never forget. The wedding was so beautiful! I have to give all the credit to my husband, Vasilis, or V for short, for putting most of it together. He was in charge of picking the wedding and reception site. He did most of the work because I was playing professionally in Lithuania most of the previous year, and couldnít do any of it. Basically, it was more than I could have ever dreamed of. It was a wedding with my close family and friends, and it was in some place by the ocean! What more could a girl want.

After the wedding, V and I took off shortly for our wonderful 12 day honeymoon in St. Lucia! WOW, was that a great time. We had never really vacationed together as a couple because our schedules are sort of opposite at times, but we made the most of our time there on the island. It was just what we needed, some time together with nothing to do and nowhere to be.

From St. Lucia, it was back to reality and back to the land of employment. Ah, how life is sometimes so great, and then the next minute you are back to the grind. I was signed again to play with the same team I played for the previous year in Europe, Lietuvos Telekomas, in Vilnius, Lithuania. This time around though, I knew what to expect and was surprisingly anxious to get back on the court. So I got here in mid-October and have been rolling ever since. It was so good to see my teammates from the previous year. We have really good chemistry and they are great girls to be around. The people here definitely make it easy for me to live here both on and off the court. We are in the midst of the preliminary round of EuroLeague. Currently, we are sitting in second place. We have two games remaining until the conclusion of the next round. A lot can happen until then, so we are just going to concentrate on us and let the rest take care of itself.

The Happy Couple My team here did let me go home for a nice long holiday break in December, however, and it was the best break of my career. Vís parents and some of his extended family were also going to make the long trip over to the USA and spend the holidays with us. Some of the Greek sensations, like Vís mother, have never been outside of Greece, let alone the USA. So we knew that this holiday would be very special and quite rare because we would all finally be together. For some, together in a foreign place.

Adding more spice to our holiday adventure was the fact that V and I bought a house/condo in the downtown Indianapolis area after the WNBA season ended. Of course we were thrilled about this, but we also knew that when we got home, we had some serious work to do. Oh, what fun it is to be a home owner! I say this already with sarcasm. When we were home, V and I had five days to customize our house. If you donít know the lingo, donít feel bad because I am still a beginner, but we had to choose everything from where we wanted our light switches and electrical plugs, to what kind of hard wood, carpet, tiling and kitchen knobs we wanted. We did survive though, after an intense five straight days in a selections room. Now we are awaiting construction.

You will think making selections for our new condo would be enough stress. But, there was more. We had also planned a post wedding reception in Indy on Dec. 30th for those who werenít able to join us in Athens. I had done the majority of the planning prior to the event, of course, but there were still odds and ends that I had to tie up before the big night. It was much easier, though, planning such a party the second time around. And when the big day of the reception finally came, I was so happy to see so many family, friends and people that have meant so much to me over the years. We wanted people to get a good taste of the real wedding, so V and I were back again in our wedding attire. We had arranged for the priest from my local church to come in and perform a short ceremony for us to renew our vows, in ENGLISH! That was one thing my family said they would have liked to see or understood when they were at the wedding in Athens. Afterward, we showed a 25 minute highlight video of our wedding. I think that was probably the favorite thing for all the guests. So many people were wondering about the different customs and culture, and we tried to capture all of that in the video. We have a two hour video, as well, so when I want to relive the whole wedding experience, I know right where to go. After the video, it was the normal reception program with a cake cutting, first dance, food and dancing. We had close to 200 guests, including special guest coach Mike Thibault. That was pretty special for him to make the long trek out to Indiana, and come be a part of our celebration and happiness. I also had many former teammates there as well, and it was such a good time to be able to catch up, not only with them, but with everyone. It turned out to be another fantastic party, although it wasnít close to the Ďrealí thing in Greece. But like I said, it was a great thing to gather all those people I donít get to see that often, and reminisce about the good old days.

After the party, of course, there was another party. New Yearís Eve. However, this party was just at my sisterís house, and it was very low key. I didnít mind it at all, and was so tired from all the holiday festivities that I barely made it to midnight. I knew I had to get back on the plane on Jan. 2nd and head back to Lithuania, so I was trying to get prepared for the long journey ahead.

That brings me to today. I am back in Lithuania, getting ready to begin the final push of the preliminary round. We have a game here in Vilnius Thursday against a Polish team featuring Anan DeForge and Kara Braxton. It definitely should be a good game and we hope that we can start the New Year off right.

Well, that is what has transpired with me over the past few months. Things are now settling down, fortunately. I am, of course, counting down the days until I get back to Connecticut and reunite with my teammates there.

So until next timeÖ..