Adrianne Davie - Forward/Center

When you signed with the Sun, who was the first person you called?
My boyfriend. My coaches and my parents already knew. He knew I was going through the process (of being signed).

If you werenít at Sun training camp today, where would you be?
Iíd probably be at home. Working out, trying to see where the future would take me.

Did you have a favorite basketball player that you admired growing up?
When I was young, the WNBA wasnít a dream of mine. It became a dream of mine as I got older. I just like watching everyone play. I think I can learn from everything every one does. I just pick up little things along the way.

Was there an NBA player you enjoyed watching?
I liked watching (Michael) Jordan play. Heís just unbelievable. Heís had such an impact on the game. I really like him.

Is this your first time in Connecticut?
(nodding) Very first time. Iíve heard that itís really heavily wooded, all the trees. When we came up here, I could definitely see that. All the roads are covered with trees. I like it, itís pretty.

Different from Arkansas?
Thereís parts of Arkansas like this. Up where I go to school, itís all farming area. Itís a little different there.

Is there a player you look forward to playing with or against?
I think it would be cool to play against anybody. Iíll be glad to make the team. It would be special to play against players I played against in college. I think that would be cool.

What would Sun fans be surprised to learn about you?
I think theyíre going to find that Iím a really hard worker. Iím going to outwork anybody. I can be whatever anybody asks me to be.

What sport other than basketball do you enjoy playing?
I enjoy a lot of sports. I played volleyball in high school. I was pretty good at that. I love to play golf and tennis. I love playing football with my brothers. I love sports and I love being outdoors.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to be with my family. Thatís important to me. I have a lot of fun with them. If Iím not with my family, Iím probably with my dogs, playing with my animals.

Is there a TV show you canít miss?
I really like Survivor. I have missed episodes occasionally because Iíve been so busy. But I love the competitive aspect, everyoneís different strategies.

If you had to sing karaoke, what song would you sing?
Shania Twain ďAny Man of MineĒ. I know all the words. Itís kind of a fun song.

Whatís the best advice youíve ever gotten?
Give it your best, all the time. You never want to look back on life and regret things. If I had worked harder, could I have made it? I just have to give it my best, all the time. And, live with no regrets.