Courtney Coleman Diary

My first season in the WNBA was a great learning experience. I was on a team full of veterans and skilled players that taught me new things everyday. We stayed busy from weight lifting and conditioning to practices, playing games and traveling. I think that I adjusted well and was prepared for all of the hard work because the strength and conditioning program was similar to the one that I was used to at Ohio State University.

We traveled a lot all over the United States. My most memorable trips probably were to New York and to Detroit. I had never been to New York and when we got there I was so excited because I heard so many things about all of the shopping malls and different tourist attractions. The most exciting place was Madison Square Garden. The fans were great and the environment was so much fun. Detroit was a great place to play especially during the eastern conference finals and during the championship game. That game was one of the most fun and exciting games that I have ever played in my life, simply because of the fans.

I am currently living in Columbus, Ohio. I returned here to finish my undergraduate degree in Mass Communications under the School Of Social and Behavioral Sciences. I graduated on December 14, 2003. Before that I had surgery on my left shoulder (October 3, 2003) to repair damage. Having surgery was very difficult because that meant that I would not be able to play basketball for a while. Also, after the surgery I had to keep my left arm in a sling for six weeks. I had to sleep, eat and walk around with a sling on my arm. The only time that I could take it out was to bathe and for rehabilitation. Another bad thing was that rehab was an estimated 4-6 months. On a good note, once I started rehab, things went smoother and faster than I thought. I rehabbed three days a week with a specialist at Ohio State University, focusing primarily on range of motion and the strength of my shoulder.

After the first 2 months I was released by my doctor to form shoot and ball handle. Today I am almost 5 months out of surgery and I am allowed to do just about everything with the exception of a couple of limitations. I work out five days a week, ranging from rehab, weight lifting, conditioning and court work. I am excited to get things started as well as finish out my last month of rehab.