McCray Finding Her Way

Cau (Hello) from Slovakia,

It's been awhile since I last checked in…time has really flown by. A week after losing in the playoffs and spending time with my family and friends, I was back on the hardwood in a different country.

When I first arrived in Slovakia it was a huge adjustment. Living in a smaller city with not a lot to do was a little hard to get use to. But with the help of my teammates, Skype, online shows and my Blackberry, my days have been flowing a lot better.

The food here is much better than I thought it would be. The first two days, I didn’t eat anything from here. I was afraid to try something new. But once we started going out to eat for team dinners, and I began trying different meals, I was finally OK about eating again. They love their carbs here in Kosice! I, on the other hand, have to try to stay away from those potatoes and different kinds of breads. Overall, the culture has a remarkable selection of food.

After about four days of going from home to practice and practice to home, I finally decided to tour the city. I chose to go sightseeing on an off day, just in case I got lost and needed the whole day to find my way back home. Funny thing is...I did get lost, but it actually turned out to be a nice little adventure; I was able to find new places and more things to do.

My new teammates and coaches are all cool. I knew three of my teammates before I came here so that made my transition a lot easier. So far we are 1-1 in Euroleague and 4-0 in the Slovakian league. Last Wednesday we played Rivas Ecopolis, the team Asjha Jones and Essence Carson play for. We got the win, which was a big victory for the club.

Before the game, while we were preparing for them, coach was like, “She’s your teammate, right, in the WNBA?” And I was like, “Yeah." So he then said, “You have to help us scout her, tell us about her, what does she like to do?” I thought that was very funny. After the game, Asjha and I had dinner together and shared some overseas stories, so it was good to see her outside of Connecticut in Slovakia.

I’m glad that I am back playing again, and competing against some different players. Now that the season has started we are on a Wednesday and Saturday game schedule. So if you want to follow me over here, visit, or follow me on twitter@Mccray4 to get updates.

This will be a good season for our club, and I'm more than grateful to be able to play and travel in different countries. Next Wednesday we will be headed to Croatia to play so wish us good luck!!

Remember The Slovak Word of the Day: “Cau,” = “Hello!”

I'm signing off, So Until Next Time Go Good Angels!!!