Itís great to be back playing competitive basketball. That ďbreakĒ for the Olympics seemed to go on forever. Itís tough when youíre on a roll; you donít want the schedule to stop. You want to keep playing. You want to keep that chemistry.

After a rocky start in New Jersey on Thursday night, we got things back on track in front of a great crowd Saturday night at Mohegan. We have a tough schedule the last half of the year and we need all our fans to help us continue our regular season success.

Continuity is a big part of success. Teams that stay together, learn from each other, and develop trust, have a greater chance of winning. Pick any champion in any sport from the last few seasons and I bet you continuity, trust, and togetherness all played major roles in their respective runs. Thatís one of the main reasons Iím so pleased to have signed an extension to stay here in Connecticut for three more seasons. We have something special here. The core of players who are here right now are very capable of bringing the first championship to Connecticut. Damien and I have developed some tremendous relationships over the last three years, both with the organization, and with the fans. And that brings me to my next announcement.

At the beginning of the season, I pledged to donate $50 for every three-pointer I made to The Pat Summitt Foundation. When I let the Connecticut Sun know of my decision, they immediately offered to match the donation. That $50 per three, turned into $100, then $150, then $200. Before I knew it, fans were stopping me asking me how they could donate. Many wanted to hand me cash on the spot. Some offered to pledge $5 per three. Or $10 per three. The fans, particularly here in Connecticut, have been absolutely amazing. Thatís why, with the second half of the season now under way, weíve created a public forum for people to donate to The Pat Summitt Foundation.

Last October, Damien and I launched a campaign to raise money in honor of Coach Summitt. It had only been a few months since she announced she was suffering from early on-set dementia, Alzheimerís type. We were determined to do something, we just werenít sure what. Then we were offered a spot in the ING New York City Marathon. Now marathon training, or running, isnít something I intend to do during my playing career, but Damien jumped at the opportunity. And then the light bulb went off. Letís raise money in honor of Coach Summitt and run this race for charity. With just over four weeks until the marathon, people contributed nearly $18,000 in honor of Pat and countless others who had been affected with Alzheimerís disease.

Now, with 75 days until the 2012 ING New York City Marathon, we have the opportunity to do it again. For the second straight year, Iíll be running in the NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5K on November 3rd. The following day, Damien, and some of our closest friends, will be running 26.2 miles in an attempt to honor Coach Summitt and raise awareness regarding the desperate need for Alzheimerís research.

Alzheimer's is a vicious disease. There is no treatment, and there is no cure. Once you have it, you have it. You have to find ways to deal with it, and while you can't stop it, doctors believe you can slow it down. That's why research is so important. That's why organizations like the Pat Summitt Foundation are so important. Alzheimer's disease research is badly underfunded, and Pat's foundation has been set up to help raise money for research, to help find treatment, and to help find a cure.

With the help of WNBA fans, friends, and people affected by Alzheimerís disease, I believe we can do just that.

To donate and for more information regarding The Pat Summitt Foundation please go to