Hello From Paris

Throughout the offseason, Sun forward Mistie Mims will be updating fans on her adventures in France in her blog, Lady In Lyon. Miss the first installment? Read it HERE.

Greetings Everyone! I’m so excited to be writing you from my most favorite place on Earth….Paris! Unfortunately, I won't be staying for more than an hour, but I think sitting here in the local Starbucks drinking the seasonal blend shall suffice. I wonder if the French look at me like I'm a total cliché for sitting in this place as an American with my laptop, book by my side and a coffee? All I need is some reading glasses to look like the perfect journalist or professional blogger. At least that’s what I imagine a person with that profession to look like.

I guess it's picture perfect for American culture.

I wish I could tell you that the day is perfect and beautiful like many imagine Paris to be, but it is quite cold and rainy. It makes enjoying Paris a little difficult! Especially when nature adds a cool winter-ish breeze! So, I'll be staying inside the famous Gare de Lyon train station waiting for the two hour train ride back to Lyon. It’s amazing how the French can create such beauty for the buildings around here. I mean the train station was built in 1900 for the World Exposition and was considered "classic architecture" at the time. It has a beautiful clock tower and is adorned with a beautiful painting inside one of the many restaurants. If you’re not an architecture buff, then I'm sure you could find yourself in one of the many stores it has to offer. It has a mini-type mall inside to keep you busy while you wait for the train.

What it Feels Like to Lose
This trip back to Lyon isn't one to brag about. We lost for the fourth time this season (two since I have arrived), and let's say there isn't a good feeling amongst the team. Many of you see all of us as happy athletes living our dreams. Sometimes you actually get an insight into our daily lives through our personal websites or social media. However, I can guarantee that you don't see or hear exactly the inner thoughts and feelings of an athlete during a valley of a season! Even questions during an interview will only give you a fraction of how we actually feel after a loss, or series of losses.

The response of an athlete depends on the reason for the loss. One, if the opposing team just had a great night, seemed to be completely hitting on all cylinders, and your team did give it their all and had no regrets, normally we chock that up to a tough one and move forward! Two, if we lost because we weren't prepared, we weren't mentally in the game, we were careless with the ball, or we let the other team outwork us, normally we are going to have some animosity between players and coaches…players with players…and players with self.

Bottom line, losing is never fun. But if you have a smart coach and smart players, they will be able to find a way to turn things around for the better! My father always said, “If there is a problem, the first place you should look is in the mirror.” I think this theory is perfect for the world of sports. So many athletes, when things aren't going right, love to point the finger. Those athletes are the ones that need to look in the mirror and realize that when they point the finger, there are three pointing right back.

In my team's case, we will address all the "problems" in a meeting on Monday! That’s another thing about losing…meetings become the norm! We just need to get back on the winning wagon and all of us can forget about extra meetings. So, I hope all of us come out of this meeting with a fresh and positive outlook to finish out the first half of the season. Because to be honest…we are WAY too talented to be in this place!!!!

This loss didn't just cause a loss, it also caused an injury. I sprained my ankle in the second quarter while taking a charge. INJURIES SUCK!!! There isn't a worse place to be than to be on the bench and watching your team fighting to win, but they are losing the fight. All while you’re on the bench HELPLESS. The way you feel when you have no control over the things that are happening might be the second worse feeling.

For all my Twilight fans, how about that final episode??? Don't worry…if you haven't seen it you won't be getting any spoilers from me! I was told by Renee Montgomery I shouldn't be spoiling things for other people. Obviously, I was guilty of spoiling a season finale of Pretty Little Liars for her…she wasn't too happy with me! Hahaha…sorry Nee!!! Anyway, I was so happy I was able to go see the movie during a special screening a few days before the release. I did not expect that to happen in a foreign country and to be in the original format!!! ENGLISH!!!! I am not going to say that I don't appreciate a good French film, but my mind works too hard for well over an hour. I am exhausted at the end and still have a feeling of not understanding the entire story.

Bella looked amazing as a vampire!!! I have always been Team Edward, so I was happy how it all came together. I remember four years ago when I finished reading the entire series in a matter of weeks! And I am nowhere close to an avid reader!!! Those books were amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves a good book! Sometimes with all the vampire/werewolves/witch stories, I wonder what allows people to be so curious or to desire these to be reality??? I mean, who really wants to live forever as a bloodsucking creature? Then again we live in a world where not a whole lot makes sense.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s blog! Make sure to keep up with all of your favorite Connecticut Sun players on the website and follow me on Twitter @MzMims8. Enjoy your upcoming holiday festivities!!!!

Until Next Time,
Mistie Mims