Greetings From Australia

Hi Sun Fans!

I am living this overseas season in the wonderful land of Australia! Victoria is the State where Bendigo, the town I am playing in, is found.

Sun Fans, I absolutely love it here! Although Australia is pretty expensive I have given up Diet Coke for fear of going broke I find that just being here more than makes up for it. There are plenty of adventures to be had! Within the first week of being here, my teammates showed me a plethora of kangaroos and the famous huts on Brighton Beach.

This past week was very eventful as well. My team was invited to the MyJet Marquee at the Bendigo Cup horse races! This was by far the closest to royalty I have ever felt because fascinators were a must when dressing for this event! My teammates also showed me a good time in Melbourne at The Crown, the biggest casino in Australia.

Kelsey with her teammates, Renae Camino and Kristi Harrower at the Bendigo Cup

I am so excited to be here, and for the adventures that will be intertwined with my basketball season!

Sun Fans, I will keep you posted!