Five Questions With Kalana

Itís been just over two months since Connecticut Sun guard Kalana Greene walked off the basketball court at Phillips Arena, where the Sun were eliminated by the Atlanta Dream in the first round of the WNBA playoffs. Since that time, Greene has been keeping busy with workouts while awaiting the right offer to compete overseas. Recently, Greene took a few moments to look back on 2011.

Now that some time has passed, what did you take away from your second year in the WNBA?
ďItís a lot of hard work. You canít take any possessions for granted. My first year (as a rookie with the New York Liberty), I wasnít really depended on that much. But this past season, I realized every possession really matters. A couple of possessions here and there and we might have been in the Eastern Conference finals. We have to value every possession. Thatís one thing I learned from this year.Ē

Is that one of the bigger differences from playing in college at UConn, where your teams were so dominant?
ďIn college, we valued every possession. Even if we were ahead of a team by a lot, we tried to make it, ďLetís go on a 10-0 run or a 16-0 run,í to make things harder on ourselves. But in the pros, if you make a mistake, theyíre really going to capitalize on it. Thatís the big thing now from when I was in college. We did value every possession, but I never thought we were going to lose to any team. But in the pros you can lose on any given night.Ē

What have you been doing during the offseason?
ďEating a lot (laughs)! Iíve been doing a lot of lifting. When youíre playing in the WNBA, you canít lift as much as youíd like because you play every other day, so Iím lifting a lot.Ē

Almost every WNBA player goes into the offseason with a list of things they want to work on to get better. Where do you want to improve?
ďThis offseason, I am really working on my strength and my stamina. And ball-handling. That is something I can really get better at too.Ē

What are your plans for playing overseas?
ďIím still looking for the right job right now. Itís looking like France, but other offers might come up. Iím not in a rush. I can just rest, train and work on my individual skills.Ē