Danielle Checks In

I am on a six hour bus ride, so I thought it would be a good time to go ahead an update you Sun fans....

First off, I hope everyone is fulfilling their New Year's resolutions as they planned! So far I've been making mine happen!

Unfortunately, I was not able to celebrate the New Year in the States, but I definitely enjoyed ringing in 2013 in Milan, Italy with my best friend, Jessica. It was definitely a New Year to remember.

My team, Famila Schio, had a great start to the EuroLeague season. We made a good run to 4-0, then we had some ups and downs. That was mostly due to struggling with keeping a healthy team. However, we still came away on the right end, finishing up the EuroLeague regular season at 7-5. That put us in a good position for the playoffs.

In the first round, we managed to get home court advantage against Rivas Ecopolis, a team from Spain. I'm excited about this match up. The winner of the best-of-three series will advance to the final eight which is held in Ekaterinburg, Russia the coldest place I've ever been!!!

As for the Italian League, we are still in first place with a 12-1 record. We beat the 2012 Italian League champs last Sunday. It was a tough battle and a huge win for us! We plan on keeping this winning streak going!

In other news...my mother, grandmother and aunt will be visiting me soon. My countdown has begun. I have 13 days until they get here! It's getting closer and closer!!! Yayyy!!!!

A lot has been going on around the WNBA with players and coaches changes. Some weeks ago I did have a chance to speak to our new head coach, Anne Donovan, on the phone. I was glad to hear from her. All I can say is I'm a one happy person. It'll be new beginnings and I'm ready take on this great opportunity. I'm sure the fans are all excited too and ready to see the Connecticut Sun grow and do big things!!

The month of May will be here before you know it so hang tight!

Until Next Time, Go Sun! Keep visiting www.connecticutsun.com to follow all of the Sun players across the waters.