Solar Power Rookie Diary: Terri

Hey Connecticut Sun fans! My name is Terri and Iím a first-year member of the Solar Power Dance Team. I am so lucky to be dancing for Solar Power, and itís so exciting to root for the best team in the WNBA! The other girls on the dance team are great! Itís been awesome dancing with 11 extremely talented and friendly young ladies, and our coach, Andrea, is an exceptional dancer and teacher in her own right. The veterans on the team (Brittany B., Michelle, Emily, Javin, and Katie) have been incredibly welcoming and helpful for us rookies, and we have learned a great deal from them.

To be honest, the first few home games were a bit overwhelming. I didnít think Iíd be nervous because I use to dance for my college basketball team. However, I soon realized that there were so many more screaming fans and many more responsibilities to do other than dancing. I have to admit, the first few times out on the court were nerve-racking, but Iím getting more and more used to being in front of our tremendous CT Sun fans!

Practices have been a blast as well! We have such a talented and energetic team, and Andrea does a great job highlighting everyoneís talents in her choreography. Most of us work or go to school full-time, and I know that practice is a good place to channel our energy and de-stress after a long day. Learning new dances has been both fun and challenging, especially when we learn a lot in one night. Even so, we all put in 110 percent effort the entire time because we know how crucial it is to perfect the dance.

Recently, the Solar Power Dance Team held their first ever Solar Power Dance Clinic. We had over 100 dancers from ages 6-17 join us Friday afternoon to learn some dances, improve their technique, and hang out with the SPDT and their fellow dancers. It was extremely successful and everyone had a great time. We started off by introducing ourselves and we then split the dancers into three different age categories. The dancers first learned a dance to ďWe Are Family,Ē which they performed during halftime at the CT Sun/Houston Comets game. The dancers then participated in a dance technique class where we worked on many dance fundamentals including turns, leaps, kicks, and jumps. The three groups took similar classes but were tailored based on age and ability. Regardless, I was very impressed with all the dancers during the classes; many walked away with new skills that day! The dancers then learned another dance in their groups. These dances had a more hip-hop flare to them, and they got to show these dances to everyone at the end. Lastly, we reviewed our halftime dance so that everyone would feel confident performing the dance that night.

At the game, all the dancers wore a SPDT t-shirt that was given to them at the clinic, and they put on an awesome halftime show! Everyone was so impressed that they learned the dance so quickly, and Iím so glad they were able to perform in front of our home crowd. Last Friday was a great night overall, especially since the Sun won! Well, this was a little insight of whatís been happening lately with the SPDT. Check back with us soon!

Go Sun!