2005 Playoffs Dance Diary

The defending Eastern Conference Champs are back in action! For the second straight year we get to cheer on our awesome team as they play to win the WNBA title! The Sun showed that they could handle the shock brought by Detroit in round 1. With ease, our team snagged a 2-0 win with games both at home and on the road. Sun player’s are proving now more than ever, they are here to stay and here to win!

The playoff experience in professional sports is like no other. So far, it has been an amazing opportunity to represent such a strong team, like our SUN. Dancing for sold-out crowds is an experience that none of us will ever forget! Five of the SPDT dancers were able to feel this rush last year when we made it through to the championship round against Seattle. However, Andrea and the rest of SPDT are having the same opportunity this season, which is incredible!

As a dance team, it is crucial for each dancer to do their very best as an individual, yet unify with the other members of the squad. In turn, this skill makes for clean, sharp performances. Like dancing, the players of the CT SUN have molded together so strongly, that their athletic performances are a huge success and allow them to dominate other teams who lack player cohesion that’s as powerful as the SUN’s. The “TEAM” aspect of our basketball program here at Mohegan is to be admired by all, including Solar Power.

This weekend, the Sun will host game 2 in the second round of playoffs. At Indiana on Thursday, the SUN didn’t ‘catch’ the fever. Instead, we grabbed a 5 point win, and are looking to seal the conference championship with a win Saturday or Sunday.

Solar Power is more than excited to have a front row seat for the intense playoff action this month. We are cheering louder than ever for our SUN, and can’t wait to write all about how it feels to be the WNBA Champions after the SUN win the title next week!!! Look out for new journals and SPDT pictures coming soon. Keep supporting Connecticut Sun, and we’ll see you at the next Playoff game. GO SUN!!

Brittany B. and Katie