The Connecticut Sun Solar Power Dancers Event Appearance Information, Pricing, and Specs

The Solar Power Dancers are a professional dance team that helps make the Connecticut Sun the hottest show in town! Beginning their second season at Mohegan Sun Arena, 12 of New Englandís most talented dancers, gymnasts, and entertainers bring excitement to the court and thrill the fans.

Under the leadership of coordinator/choreographer Andrea Ricci, the dancers entertain arena audiences with high-energy and fast-paced routines. Outside of the games, the Solar Power Dancers add excitement and class to charity functions, corporate outings, golf tournaments, holiday parties, corporate events, and special community events.

The Solar Power Dancers are one of the premier dance teams in the WNBA! The Dancers are available to add star-power to any type of event. From business meetings, to charitable events and more, we can provide a unique experience that your attendees wonít soon forget! The Solar Power Dancers may be requested for any combination of the following activities at your event (minimum of 2 dancers, minimum of 2 hours):

  • Meet and greet your guests
  • Take photographs with guests
  • Perform one of their high-energy routines (minimum of 5 dancers)
  • An autograph session with official dancer photos (up to 100 photos included)
  • Mini dance/instructional clinic
  • Hand out your event giveaways or gifts
  • Assist in product demonstration or modeling
  • Any other appropriate activities requested, as approved by the Solar Power Director/Choreographer.

    Event Requirements:

    For all events:

  • Green room with bottled waters and refreshments. This must either be an area that has supervision or a locking door so that the Dancersí personal belongings may be in a safe area during the event.
  • Minimum 2 dancers, minimum 2 hours For dance performances: Minimum 5 dancers (recommend 6-12 depending upon size of stage and venue)
  • CD capable sound system
  • Suitable staging for # of dancers hired
  • Suitable dance surface
  • Routines will not be performed back-to-back. There must be a minimum of 10 minutes between routines. No more than 3 routines will be performed during 1 hour.

    For autograph session:

  • Skirted table and enough chairs to accommodate the # of dancers hired.
  • Up to 100 Official Dance Team Photos will be included in appearance fee. Additional photos will be billed in increments of 100.

    For teaching a dance clinic:

  • CD capable sound system or CD boom box with access to electrical outlet
  • Handheld microphone
  • Elevated staging area to teach from (for master classes of 100 or more participants)

    For appearances outside of 50 mile radius of Mohegan Sun:

  • Drive time to and from the event will be billed to client at Ĺ the Dancer appearance rate per dancer hired
  • Round-trip mileage will be billed at a rate of .405 per mile

    Pricing Information:

    Basic appearance:

  • $50 per two hours per Dancer
  • $15 per additional hour per Dancer
  • $75 promotional fee
  • Call time will be 20 minutes prior to event start time. Earlier call-time is billable time at a rate of $25 per hour per Dancer.

    Charitable Event:

  • $25 per two hours per Dancer
  • $10 per additional hour per Dancer
  • Promotional fee waived
  • This rate only applies to sanctioned charity events

    Custom Choreography:

  • Rates vary depending upon clientís request and how much additional rehearsal time is necessary
  • Standard rates include Court Ready routine list


  • Additional photos billed at a rate of $25 per additional 50 (the first 100 photos are included in the basic appearance rates)

    Information Necessary to Confirm Dancers for an Event:

  • Exact appearance start and end times (they will arrive 20 minutes prior to designated start time unless otherwise specified)
  • Event itinerary including activities they will participate in during the event (meet and greet, autographs, performance, etc.)
  • Explicit driving directions to event location including ballroom name or number if applicable
  • Event location street address including zip-code
  • On-site contact name and cell phone number in case of emergency
  • Billing Address
  • Any other information that will help the dancers to be prepared

    Costume and Dancer Selections:

  • Costumes will be selected based on appropriateness with the specific appearance. As the Dancersí schedules vary greatly, we ask that clients pick their top choices for hire and 2 additional choices in case the top choices are unavailable.
  • Dancer photos may be viewed online at on the Solar Power page.