Cheering On The Broncos

Hey guys! Sydney Carter here. It's been a while since I last wrote, so I hope you all had amazing holidays and great starts to this new, fabulous year!

It's definitely been amazing for me thus far!

What I'm most excited about is telling you all how amped I am about this 2014 Super Bowl! Why you ask? Well, I'm a BIG Broncos fan! Peyton Manning is my all-time favorite player. I'm not ashamed to say I'm a bit of a team hopper, but in better terms I am a Peyton follower. Wherever he goes I go! :)

What makes me an even bigger Bronco fan, though, is that my favorite buddy Von Miller is also a Bronco player! He and my sister dated for several years, so he is practically a part of my family. We still have a great line of communication and connection between us. Although he is a year older than me, we went to Desoto West Junior High and Desoto High School in Texas together. Not to mention he is also a fellow Texas A&M Aggie (we had two classes together in college).

Unfortunately, he won't be playing in the Super Bowl due to an injury, but I will be wearing his jersey proud and canít wait to show my support and excitement for him and his teammates being on the biggest stage in pro football.

With this being said, I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I believe the Broncos will win this game! I'm not the most knowledgeable about what exactly goes on in football so I can't guesstimate a score, but I know we have Peyton Manning so that's all the reason for me to believe the Broncos will win! The Seahawks are a tough team as well, so it just may be a nail-biter in the end.

In other news, Bruno Mars is the halftime show. Can we say incredible? I'm definitely a fan and know for a fact some of my Connecticut Sun teammates are as well. We attended his concert last season at Mohegan Sun and half the team was helping him sing his songs. I'm excited to watch his performance and have my own karaoke session in front of the TV with family and friends.

Enjoy the game and all its productions. The commercials are always an interesting thing to see as well!

Until next time ...