Checking In From London

Asjha Jones and Tina Charles took a few minutes out from representing the United States in London to answer a few questions about their experience so far.

It was a few days now, but what did it feel like to be a part of the opening ceremonies?
Asjha Jones Opening ceremonies were awesome. During the walk before you get into the actual stadium, we got to hang out with a lot of the players and hang out with the mens team. It was a lot of walking and standing, so you got to meet a lot of the other athletes from different sports. And once you entered the arena, it was an awesome experience, seeing all the people, all the lights and all the other teams cheering you on. It was great.
Tina Charles - It was an epic moment. It was a blessing to be there. To walk amongst the greats, it was a lot of fun.

This is the first Olympic experience for both of you. One day you are in the middle of a WNBA season, and the next you are playing for your country, working with some of your WNBA rivals to win a gold medal. What has the adjustment been like?
Asjha Jones A lot of traveling. We went to three different countries. Now were playing with all the best players in the world so its been great to be a part of that. Back with a lot of UConn players so there have been a lot of flashbacks and a lot of catching up.
Tina Charles - Its fine. We are pros. I am really mature in what I do and the coaches have taught me along the way where to put my focus. Before this I was focused on the Connecticut Sun and now Im focused on USA Basketball. Its working out really well.

What is it like to practice and play with a group that has this much combined talent? It seems like there are so many potential combinations.
Asjha Jones Its great. No matter what, you have a strong team. I think its fun for the coaches because they get to play with the lineups and know there is no let-up once you sub.
Tina Charles - Its a lot of fun. You definitely want to feel like you belong so you want to go out and play hard and earn that respect.

Have you been able to enjoy the Olympic experience yet? Have you watched any of the other events? If not, is there some event or some athlete you are hoping to see?
Asjha Jones We havent had a chance yet to see any events. Id like to see some tennis and maybe some track and field and definitely beach volleyball.
Tina Charles - Im definitely looking forward to going out and seeing some stuff. I want to see track and field, so Im looking forward to that.

How would you describe your performance and your team's performance so far?
Asjha Jones I think were on a steady incline. We havent peaked yet. I think every game we get a little better. I think our bench play has been awesome, bringing a lot of energy to our games. I think we have a lot to be proud of. Were playing pretty well, but we have a lot more potential.
Tina Charles - Were doing alright. We have to get better in certain areas, but as long as we keep building and stay consistent we will be fine.