Catching Up With Allison

Recently, sat down with fourth-year Sun guard Allison Hightower to talk about how the season is going so far.

Youíre off to a great start this year, how is this year different compared to past years?
"Well, mostly just the coaching changes. Most of us have been here for the past three or four years, so we are pretty aware of each other, and we know each other very well, so nothingís really different. Itís just a different system that were learning, Coach Donovanís system, and just getting adjusted and things like that."

How did playing in Israel this past off season help your game? "I think it helped me a lot, because I had to change my position. I was strictly a point guard over there, so I had to run all the plays and do a lot, so I definitely learned a lot. I had a good coach over there he showed me a lot of things. I just grew, grew as a player and a person."

Have your expectations changed for this year compared to past years? Do you expect more out of yourself?
"My expectations are still the same, I just want to play as hard as I can. My role has kind of changed here, to more of a scorer. Last year was more defensive, but, score as well a bit. This year is more about taking control and playing hard and scoring the basketball.">

What is one thing youíve really improved on in the last year?
"Well, Iíve been kind of knocking down my outside shot a little bit. The three ball has been a little bit better to me this year than it has in past years. Iíve just working hard on that, just being a more consistent shooter."

With the change in staff, what do you think is a good thing about the offense this year for you?
"I mean, itís still early, but itís more of a movement. We have a better flow, we want to work the ball inside and out, it gives everybody an opportunity to score and to distribute. There are not really a lot of differences, it is a new system but a lot of things are still the same."

Interview by Kristin Brady