Hello Sunshines! Sydney Carter here.

Itís been a little over a month since the season ended. I personally have had more than enough break time as I don't head to Brazil for offseason play until November. However, I'd like to reflect back a little on my amazing journey with the Sun this season.

Obviously this was nothing like a typical Sun season. It was tough for us all. I was glad I was able to take many learning lessons from it all. I have developed some good relationships with the staff and my teammates. From a personal point of view, it was definitely a tough but rewarding season.

It was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me as many of you might have seen. I went from waiting at home to being welcomed during a road game sequence onto a team of quite a few players who had never heard of me. My time with the Chicago Sky during the 2012 WNBA season was very short-lived, so I was hoping, with this being the same situation, I would at least get to stay a while longer. Connecticut turned out to be just what I hoped. My teammates were more than welcoming to me when I first arrived as was the coaching staff and other affiliated staff members. Everyone made my transition pretty easy.

As weeks and games passed I got more comfortable. But I was also uneasy, knowing in the back of my mind that I would eventually have to leave when the injured players I had been brought in to replace returned. When that day came, I can honestly say I felt I left with much more than I expected. I developed friendships I knew would last a while. I also knew I left a good impression with the coaches. It wasn't very easy to leave, but I was mentally prepared. I actually travelled to the Sun game in Tulsa a few days later to watch and hang out!

A few weeks passed and I got a call back asking if I'd like to rejoin the team after a few more unfortunate injuries. Of course I came back to join the team for the remainder of the season. I can vividly remember our coaches and players all stating how much fun those last 9 or 10 games I returned for were. The group of people we had left to play in those games really enjoyed each other on the court and we seemed to be pulling together. We ended the season with a few bright moments and some good times.

This offseason, I will be playing in Brazil alongside Izi (Castro Marques) starting in December. I will gladly be keeping all my Sunshines (my cute little nickname for all of our Sun fans) updated on how season is going, and what I will be doing personally and basketball wise through writing and video.

Iím more than excited for this opportunity and happy you guys will get to know me. Have a great week!