An Update From Renee - 'Tis The Season

Hello everyone!

Itís been a while since I blogged, so please forgive me. Iím in Israel right now, playing for Macabi Ashdod. My team is starting to catch stride. We just beat one of the undefeated teams in the league so needless to say Iím happy. A lot of people ask me questions about what itís like here, so let me try to paint a picture for you. Today I almost broke out in an instant sweat when I walked outside. There is a McDonalds down the street (although I have only been there once) and the beach is five minutes away from me (I feel like Iím living in paradise). I heard itís starting to get cold in certain places, Connecticut being one of them, and I canít say that I miss the weather.

Hmm...what else?

I leave to come home for Christmas on December the 21st, so that's exciting although I am enjoying myself here (I plan on returning after the Christmas break). I've had Christmas music playing for about a week now, and it will continue until a week after Christmas. I love this season. That reminds me, I just got off the phone with my family and my Pooh Bear (niece) gets on the phone and says that she just put up her Christmas tree at her house, and that my parents have two Christmas trees. I said, "Wait a minute Pooh Bear, you are already ready for Christmas, but you are skipping my birthday." She goes, "Ooooh yeah, I have a present for you (clearly this isnít the truth), then ask how old I am." I tell her that Iím turning 24. She says, "Well, Iím turning five, you're turning 24, and Gigi (my mom) is turning 22." Everyone pauses for a second, and I go "UmmÖPooh Bear, you know Gigi's my mom. So how is she younger than me?" She goes, "Gigi is turning 22 again this year."...Iím beginning to think someone is telling my Pooh Bear fibs.

So as I just said, my birthday is coming up on December 2nd, and Iím nervous that I'm starting to get old because Iím really not that excited for it. Something I am excited for is the launching of my new website (yes it's the same url as before). The website launches on Dec 1st and there are all kinds of different things that will be going on. First of all, I will have photos of me here in Israel and also game photos of me playing for Ashdod.

I went back in my archives and dug up some pictures of me while at UConn, some game, some casual photos of me hanging out with my teammates and friends. There will be updates of what's going on with my team here and anything that I have going on, and you all know I always have something going on. For instance, its not even time for the Final Four but I have been in the lab creating a new t-shirt. Itís going to say "Records are meant to be broken" on the front and "Husky Nation" on the back. Now I would hope that I do not need to explain why, but just in case there are some cavemen reading this, itís because the UConn Women's basketball team is approaching the game to break the winning streak record. Something else that I will be doing more of is contests. The contest that is starting on December 1st is the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" competition, where you have to take a picture of yourself in an ugly sweater and submit it. The person with the ugliest sweater will win a pair of signed game shoes and a Renee Montgomery t-shirt. One last thing: There will be a sale for the first week (Dec 1 - Dec 8) of the launching: All shirts will be two for $20.

Well, I guess that's all, Sorry for the long blog, but I feel like we needed to catch up. Until next time.... Be Blessed.