Checking In With Anete

Since joining the Connecticut Sun on July 2nd, Anete Jekabsone-Zogota has made a gradual adjustment in her first year of WNBA competition. An established star in her native Latvia, the 25-year-old guard has begun to display the shooting, passing and ball-handling skills that have impressed so many European fans.
Recently, Anete took a few minutes after practice to talk about her experience.

What has been the biggest adjustment playing in the WNBA?
Here we play so many games. Overseas, if you play Euroleague and FIBA Cup, you play maybe two games a week. Here you just keep going. You just pack your bags sometimes and you dont know what day it is. (Laughs). Its already August.

How about on the court?
Its faster and more physical. In every game you go into, you dont know if you win or lose. Every game is tough. Its interesting, really. All the games are so good. Every player who comes off the bench can show good basketball.

Do you have scouting reports, like you have here?
We have, but I like it here more. They prepare everything. You just need to go and do what they say. Everything, they show you. Which player is doing what. What she is not doing. Its great. I love this.

You seem to be more comfortable on the floor.
Now I start to feel much, much better. Before, when I came, it was really hard for me. I couldnt find my game. I was lost. Its hard to explain.

How much has it helped to have your husband here in the United States during this first season?
I think, if he was not here from the beginning, it would have been too hard for me. I like that you go back home, and somebody is waiting for you. I like that he can do his job here. He does not need to be in Latvia, sitting in an office. Wherever he is, he can do his job.

Has the WNBA lived up to your expectations?
I hear all Europeans say, its really hard to come here. But I wanted to do it myself, if its hard or not. And it is. Even when I was younger, it was almost my dream. Its like the highest level, so I said, Oh, I would like to play there. And now, when I came, its like, Whoa. Sometimes, I cant believe Im here. Its not for everybody to come here and play from overseas.