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Frequently Asked Questions

Refer a new Season Ticket Holder for 2013 and save 20% on your 2014 season tickets!

You are Home Court Advantage…and we want some more of it!

Refer your friends, family, colleagues or anyone who wants to support the Storm to become Season Ticket Holders during the 2013 season and you will save 20% on your 2014 season tickets. The more people you refer, the more savings you get!

  • Promotion runs from April 15 through June 30, 2013
  • Each new season ticket holder you refer will earn you a 20% account credit for 2014 season ticket renewal
  • Do I get 20% every time I refer someone to buy season tickets?
    Yes you do. You will get 20% of what each new Season Ticket Holder spends.

    If I get more than one person to buy season tickets, do I get a bigger discount?
    Yes. In fact, you could potentially have your 2014 season tickets completely paid for if you get multiple referrals.

    What price of tickets do new Season Ticket Holders have to buy and how many?
    They can buy at any price point and as many or as few as they want.

    Does the 20% come from what my referral spends in 2013 or 2014?
    The 20% account credit is based off what the new Season Ticket Holder purchases in 2013.

    Will I receive any account credit if I get someone to sign up for something other than season tickets, like a 10-game package?
    Account Credit is only given for new 2013 season tickets.

    Is this only for people who have season tickets? What if I am another package holder?
    This promotion is only for 2013 Season Ticket Holders to refer their friends and family.

    Is the account credit specifically for 2014 season ticket renewal?
    Yes. The account credit can only be applied toward 2014 season ticket renewal and cannot be used towards anything else.

    If I add on a seat, does that qualify for the 20% account credit?
    The account credit only applies when referring new Season Ticket Holders. We’re happy to work with you and your referral on seat location if you’d like to sit together.

    Can I add this to other offers I have?
    This promotion is so great you won’t need to combine it with anything else!

    How long is the promotion?
    The promotion will be available from April 15 all the way until June 30.

    Do I get any additional account credit if my referral refers someone else?
    No. The account credit only applies to direct referrals.

    If I am unable to renew my season tickets in 2014, can I save the account credit?
    Unfortunately, if you do not use the account credit for 2014 season tickets, you will not be able to save it.

    Will it affect my priority number?
    Your priority number will not be affected. The referred account (new buyer) will receive a new priority number when they open their Storm account.

    When do I receive my account credit?
    Account credit is awarded when both accounts are paid in full.

    I have referred Season Ticket Holders in the past. Can I get account credit for that?
    We recognize our Season Ticket Holders have referred many friends, family and coworkers to join the Storm family over the years and that is one of the reasons we’re launching this promotion. We appreciate your support, but we are unable to retroactively reward previous referrals.

    For more information, contact the Storm Account Executive Team
    at (206) 217-WNBA (9622) or email