Heidi VanDerveer, assistant coach

"The person I would choose is my sister Tara. She is an inspiration to me and others who work with or play for her. She has had tremendous success professionally. Her commitment to the women's game, work ethic, consistency in professional and personal character, and investment in the good of the game. She is the best!!!"

Wendy Palmer, Storm forward

“The woman that has inspired me the most would be my grandmother! Mary Cousin Burton is the strongest woman I know! She has endured many hardships with the loss of family, mother at an early age, husband, sisters, brother and the murder of her daughter. She is the matriarch of our family! She was a farmer and a cleaning lady who constantly talked to me about going to school and bettering myself. She never complained about what she did not have. She made a little food go a long way with our family dinners on Sunday! She is a praying woman and a Lover of the Lord! She is my inspiration and motivation! Standing 6’1” when it was not cool to be tall, she was a (think she means perfect) example of how to be a confident, secure, independent lady!”

Tanisha Wright, Storm guard

"A woman of inspiration in my life is my grandmother. There are a lot of reasons I would choose her but the one reason that sticks out to me the most is that she had five children of her own who‚ by the time I was born, were all grown. Since I can remember I have been raised by my grandmother‚ she did what most grandmothers in her position would have done. Her loyalty and her love for her family inspires me to be the best sister‚ cousin‚ niece‚ grand daughter‚ family member I can be. Her family-first mindset shows how deeply she cares for her family‚ I just hope that I would have that same impact on one of my family members."

Ashley Robinson, Storm center

"I would have to say my mother, Kathleen Robinson. She was a single mother that always did whatever she had to do to make a better life for my sister and I. I can't remember one time in my 24 years of existence that she hasn't put us first. She is truly an inspiration in my life. If I can be half as strong as she has been my kids will be truly blessed."

Katie Gearlds, Storm guard/forward

“My mom, Sharon Gearlds, has been the most influential woman in my life. The love she shows to her family and friends is one that is pure and real. I know if I turn out to be half the woman she is, I know I’ll have done something right in my life.”