Goes Inside Betty Lennox’s Head

One of the keys to the Storm's first-place 4-2 record in the Western Conference has been a tremendous start to the season for guard Betty Lennox. Along with Lauren Jackson, Lennox is one of seven players in the WNBA to score double-figures in every game so far this season, and her 15.0 scoring average ranks her in the league's top ten. Showing her versatility, Lennox also leads the WNBA in steals and ranks in the top 20 in rebounding, first amongst guards.

To Lennox, rebounding is all about desire.
Catherine Steenkeste/NBAE/Getty
To figure out how Lennox is getting it done, spoke with her about what she's thinking in different situations on the court.

Final possession of the Sacramento game. You get the ball. What are you thinking?
Lennox: "Score. Put the ball in, make something happen. That was exactly what I was told to do, and that was exactly what I was thinking. Make something happen and score."

In general, what are you thinking when you're isolated on the wing against your defender?
"Again, at that time, score. I'm always thinking of scoring. That's my mentality. I may do other things, rebounding and passing, but even when I'm rebounding, I'm thinking score. I get the ball. Now I've got the ball, go down and score. At all times, I'm thinking score, make the best out of the situation."

How about when you're inside the lane with the ball, surrounded by big players?
"Again, score. Use my advantage. I'm short. Try to get them to swing (at the ball) or get them off-balance a little bit. It's hard for big people to guard little people, so I just use my advantage."

What about when you're rebounding?
"When you're rebounding, rebounding is something that you don't learn to do, you just want it. It's something that you just have the want for, the desire. I have a really good sense of where the ball's going to be at. As you've seen, in the rebounds I've gotten, I haven't even really had to jump. It's just about my nose for the ball, being at the right place at the right time. Being able just to block out people, just block out."

When you're playing the passing lanes, looking for a steal, what are you thinking?
"Actually, I'm just gambling at that point, just gambling. I'm of a scorer's mentality, and you can't score without the ball, so I'm always trying to steal the ball in some way. Sometimes I gamble and it's a bad situation, sometimes I gamble and it's a good situation. When I'm playing the passing lane, I'm trying to keep my player from getting the basketball. Again, if it goes my way, I have an opportunity to go out and steal the ball."

How about on defense when you're matched up against a bigger player?
"I'm always matched up with a bigger player! (laughs)

"Again, I just use my strength, which is my strength and my quickness. I just try to figure out their weakness and use my strength against their weakness, because I'm always, at all times, guarding someone who is taller than me. At all times. Even every day in practice, I'm guarding someone taller than me."


  • Lennox and Jackson sat out of practice for the second straight day and were joined on the sidelines by point guard Sue Bird. Lennox attempted to practice, but her groin was still bothering her. She was still able to shoot around long after the Storm concluded its relatively short practice. The hope is that after the team takes tomorrow off, both Jackson and Lennox will be ready to go on Thursday. Bird was just getting a rest.

  • Lennox has also been taking advantage of the Storm's five-day break to change up her hairstyle. Instead of braids, she's had it down in a ponytail the last two days, a style observers are unaccustomed to.

    "Your hair's got to have a rest," she explained. "Take it down, wash it, give it a little break, try to get it back up for the game."