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Joelle Muchlinski, | April 25, 2006
Monday marked the beginning of Storm season with Media Day followed by the first practice of 2006. Several new faces made their Storm debuts, including all three of the team's picks in the April 5 WNBA Draft - Barbara Turner, Dalila Eshe and Erin Grant. Hereís your chance to get to know the three in an exclusive Q&A. What has changed in the last two weeks since youíve been drafted?
Barbara Turner: Things have changed a lot; Iíve been trying to finish up school, get ready for rookie orientation and getting all my things ready to move out to Seattle. Itís been a really fun process, a little overwhelming, but fun and Iím having a great time so far.

Dalila Eshe: My location is the biggest change since the draft, seeing as I had to move from Florida. Iím in the process of trying to wrap up school, but itís a little more pressure here since Iím trying to make the roster and stay focused but Iím also trying to get my last exams in.

"I just want to go out there and do what I do best, run the point position and make good decisions."
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Erin Grant: Itís been hectic! Iíve been trying to get packed, trying to get to rookie orientation and learn a lot of different things in only a weekend. We're just getting ready to start and itís really exciting. Itís an exciting time of my life!

How have you adjusted to living in Seattle?
Turner: Iíve adjusted pretty well; the first night I was here I got lost for a few hours on all these one-way streets. Itís a great city and the people are really nice and they are welcoming us with open arms.

Eshe: Iíve only been here two and half days and the weather has been gorgeous. All this rain I hear about, I havenít seen it yet, but Iím sure it's coming! Other then that, itís been great and the girls are really nice and have embraced us.

Grant: They have been great days, two great days, two beautiful sunny days.

What are your expectations going into training camp?
Eshe: Itís going to be tough and Iím going to have to come in and work hard.

Grant: I think itís going to be great competition in training camp. Everyone is going to be working hard and Iíve heard it going to be really intense. I just want to go out there and do what I do best, run the point position and make good decisions.

How have you and the other two rookies befriended each other and how have you bonded since you have arrived to Seattle?
Turner: Weíve bonded a lot since our arrival in Seattle. We may as well share one car because we do a lot of things together. The first night we were here we all came to the gym and worked out together. I look forward to building a stronger bond over these next few weeks in training camp.

Grant: We got a little lost, but weíve had a great time and I look forward to working hard with these girls in camp.