Postgame Quotes/Notes: Storm 86, Minnesota 79 (2OT)

Sept. 30, 2012


On the game:
We're excited about the outcome of the game. I thought we showed a lot of resiliency and toughness. We're excited about the opportunity to go back to Minnesota.

On Minnesota's 16-0 run during the first half:
For us to play well we have to defend. We weren't getting breaks, they were hitting shots and we weren't playing quite as gritty at the defensive end. Fortunately we did have a way to stay in the game. I was concerned at that time because they have the ability to do that. They scored a lot more points in that first quarter than we wanted to give up. But the second quarter we fought our way back and at halftime it was pretty much a ballgame. We didn't want to play from behind, and we played from behind the whole night. We finally got our opportunity sometime in the fourth quarter.

On the final play of regulation:
At the timeout we drew something up. The looks that we wanted to get were Sue (Bird) and then Lauren (Jackson). Fortunately, Sue made a good read and Lauren didn't hesitate and put up the shot.

On defending Seimone Augustus:
Seimone is a big-time one-on-one player, there is no question. She might be the best in our league with the ability of creating separation from the defender and getting her shots off. Tanisha (Wright) was on her and then we had Katie (Smith) on her for a while. Then we put Camille (Little) on her for a while. I thought Camille, maybe the size, along with the fatigue of the game may have helped us at that time from her hitting some shots. But I thought all three really fought hard and Seimone, like I said, is a heck of a player.

On Jackson's game:
Everybody is going to have tough shooting nights. Lauren is a great player and she is still getting her rhythm with our team a little bit. She missed some shots around the basket, but I will say this, they are congesting her. There is a lot of physicality going on around the basket and I don't know if Lauren adapted real well to that tonight, but I do know this, she will adapt to it. She'll play better on Tuesday.

On adjustments for Game 3:
Not as this moment. We will after we watch the film. It's always nice to rewind things four, five, six times. We can see some of the things that they were doing that they were successful at. We'll watch some film as they will, and I'm sure both teams will adjust one way or the other.


On the game:
We're obviously very happy to have won that game. It was definitely a tough one. Obviously with overtime you have to dig down deep and I thought our team did a great job of finding a way to win. Even though we're happy about this we're not satisfied. We have a good opportunity in front of us in Minnesota and hopefully we can come away with a win, but we know it's not going to be easy. The first wasn't easy, the second game wasn't easy, and I wouldn't be surprised if (the next) game is harder than both.

On the Lynx's first-half run:
Minnesota has the kind of talent that their offense will sometimes beat your defense no matter how you play. They were just hitting shots. They were hitting tough shots, and it seemed like they couldn't miss at that point in the game. But everybody who plays basketball knows it's a game of runs. And that was their run and we knew we were going to make ours. I'm really proud of everyone for sticking to that. At that point it could have been easy to put your head down and let them go up 20 or 25 points, but we didn't. We never hung our heads and we knew we would have an opportunity. We just knew it and hung in there.

On mindset heading into the second overtime:
At that point we felt as if we were doing the things we needed to do to win the game. We had a pretty good scheme on defense that seemed to be working. We still had to do things like take care of their offensive rebounds and not let them get second-chance points. And on the flip side, just take care of the ball. The times that we struggled offensively were when we weren't really on the same page. I think in the second overtime we kind of narrowed our calls down to two or three things, and just to be honest, ran the (heck) out of them and that's kind of how it went. I think we're a better team when we're like that.


On the KeyArena crowd:
It was huge. Anytime you're in an atmosphere like this, the energy we can soak up from the crowd really makes a big difference. They stayed behind us throughout the end of regulation and then the first and second overtimes. We appreciate them being out there.

On Minnesota's run:
We just needed to stick with it and not give up big gaps going into the half. With this kind of team, you want to keep the game close if you're not hitting and things aren't going your way. It wasn't going our way at the end of the first half. We wanted to keep the game close and make a run at the end. We did a good job of keeping it close and giving ourselves the opportunity to come out in the second half.

On the game:
Seattle won their home game to extend it to a third game, so give them credit. It made it very challenging for our offense. We had some real difficulty after the first quarter with putting the ball in the hole. The ball wouldn't go in the hole and that was the story of the game. At some point you have to score - there's only so much you can do defensively, at some point you have to score, and we just couldn't get that done tonight.

On the team's offense:
It was really tough to watch. I had some very out-of-character players on the court tonight. I am going to investigate to see where they ate their pregame meals and make sure we don't have them again. Whatever happened earlier in the day, we just didn't have it offensively. In the first quarter, our bench came in and did a good job of giving us some separation. Then we were out of character a lot. I don't say that to take any credit away from Seattle because they're a very good defensive team.

Frankly, I don't know how we were in that game. You shoot 32 percent and 18 percent from the (three-point) line - I don't even know how we're in the game. We got some points off the foul line so that was probably the separator, but offensively we were bad. We were really bad. So the fact that we had opportunities to win despite that. Maybe that's the silver lining in it

On defending the final play of regulation:
We put a lot of pressure on our defense. We needed to make that play and we didn't make that play. Any time Jackson is involved in screen, you switch. And we failed to switch. There was also a play where (Wright) got her three - we made a bonehead play. But like I said, you put so much darn pressure on your defense you have to make those plays because you're not scoring and we just didn't get that done.

On the Storm's desperation to win:
Absolutely. Nothing that our team wasn't aware of. The Key is a tough place to play as it is with nothing at stake and then now you add to it that it's win or go fishing. You fully expect that they're going to give their best effort. We didn't play poorly on the defensive side of things. Again, first quarter we were pretty good. We just stalled, and we stalled in a really bad way. Seattle's defense is very good. They were the No. 1 defensive team in the league, so I think it was a combination of what they did - the hunger and desperation that they played with. They clearly didn't want their season to end.

On Taj McWilliams-Franklin sitting out overtime after a hard foul:
I think she could've gone back in. I didn't necessarily feel comfortable with the information that I had because of her back. I haven't had a chance to talk to the trainers yet, but I've got some banged-up people. From the very first play of the game, we took a shot right out of the gate. We had a player get knocked down, but throughout the game. I'm sure they've got some bumps and bruises too so we'll have to investigate and see how everybody's doing.

On Rebekkah Brunson's performance:
Rebekkah was the one who came hoopin' today. She was really, really good on both sides of the ball. Kept us in things. We'd take a shot, miss a shot and there she was for huge hustle plays. She was an absolute warrior. If I can get that out of her every night, we're going to be fine. I'm not going to get 2-for-15 from Lindsay Whalen every night. I thought Seimone played really well in stretches, but overall we have to give Seimone some help. There's so much darn pressure for her to make all these plays. I thought Brunson was there for her. Having post play is critical. Hopefully we can continue to involve Rebekkah in our offense.

On the game:
Individually the night went well for me, but at the end of that, none of it really matters. We tried to do what we needed to do on defense, but our offense just kind of let us down tonight. We'll stay confident with that. We have all the players necessary to get it done on the offensive end. We just have to stick with it and ride it out.

On Game 3:
We worked all year to be able to have a chance to go home and play. We did put ourselves in a similar situation last year so we know that it's not over. We know if we come out on Tuesday night and play the way that we're supposed to play, and focus in, then we're in a good position.

On Jackson's three:
She's one of the world's best players. That's what we expect. Even though she had a rough offensive night, when it's time to put the game on the line, of course they're going to put it in their hands. She hit a great shot tonight to force overtim.

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