Postgame Quotes/Notes: Storm 71, Phoenix 57

Sept. 23, 2012


On the game:
We're banged up, and with the season ending we were just trying to make it to the playoffs as fresh as possible. So we wanted to be able to play so that we could rest some of our key players, sit the ones down that can't play, put some of the minutes on the others, and you cross your fingers and hope no else gets hurt. And you still go out there and try and win. That's what it's all about.

On Camille Little and Katie Smith:
Camille and Katie have been our constants these past couple of weeks. They've been playing big minutes and playing well, so they have really led us to this point. With everyone back, we'll be focusing on getting everyone back on the same page for the game next week.

On preparing for the playoffs:
I haven't really studied Minnesota yet. We were just trying to get through this season and focus on ourselves and getting healthy. We'll start putting some things together tomorrow.


On the game:
This was a funny game for us. With it being the last game of the season, we're really just focused on gearing up for the playoffs. We have people who are banged up, people who are coming off injuries and people who can't even play. So there were some lineups for us out there that you wouldn't normally see. We were trying to save some legs and not run everyone into the ground just before playoffs. But we got the win, and it was a little bit of an ugly game. That's how we like it though. We want it to be a defensive grind and I think we did a good job.

On preparing for the playoffs:
We have a couple of days now to rest and prepare. We're a little bit of an older team, so the rest part is just as important as the practice. We're really preparing for Minnesota though, they're an outstanding team. You don't find many weaknesses in their game, and for us we just have to try and stick to our game plan and execute it as best as we can so that we can give ourselves a chance.


On her return from injury:
It feels good. As far a recovering, it's getting there. I only played 10 minutes tonight, but it felt good getting up and down. We have four days to start playing and get back to our normal selves. We know Minnesota is a good team, so I know I have to be ready for that if we want to give them a run. All of us are going to have to contribute, so these next couple of days are going to be good for everybody. It'll give us some time to work on the things we need to work on so that we can be 100 percent for Minnesota.

On the opportunities provided by injuries:
The players who didn't get that much playing time before got a lot of experience. You learn from experience and I'm sure they'll take away from this year; I have. I'm sure that it will only make us better.

On DeWanna Bonner's season:
She has come into her own. She's a superstar now and she demands a double-team. With more and more players and you throw her into that mix it really adds to our team.

She has grown. All the attention was on her, but also in the locker room she stepped up. At practice she put shots up and concentrated on the game. In order to be a superstar you have to focus on the game because everyone is looking at you now.

On her mindset:
Just being able to get out there on the court, mainly working hard, trying to contribute wherever I can on the floor. Just be as aggressive as I can. I kind of found a knack in rebounding so I just keep trying to chase after a mew number every game. If that's where I can contribute to the team then that's what I'm going to do

On setting a franchise record with her rebounding:
I was told what I needed to go and get so I was trying and trying.

On the opportunities provided by injuries:
It will make training camp and next year a little easier when we don't have to stop and slow things down for new players. Next year we can be ready to go on all cylinders and hopefully everybody will be injury-free overseas and come back ready to compete for a championship.

On making adjustments due to injuries:
We had so many people in a Mercury uniform this year, a lot of new faces, so it's hard to get that team feeling when you have people coming in out of the system. We worked hard and just went out there and played every day. We didn't give up and we stuck with it. We got a couple of nice wins in there and unfortunately more losses, but next year will be better.

On her season:
I had fun this season. I had fun trying to lead my teammates. I'm glad I had the opportunity to do it but I'm going to pass that back to Diana (Taurasi), Penny (Taylor) and Candice (Dupree). I'll let them do the leading.

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