Postgame Quotes/Notes: Storm 75, Chicago 60

Sept. 18, 2012


On the game:
I was proud of our effort because we have a lot of people banged up. We had people playing extended minutes. I had Katie (Smith) playing extended minutes because we didn't want to wear the tread off of Sue (Bird) and Tanisha (Wright)'s tires. I thought all of our post players played well. I really did. I thought our team had a great effort. We turned over the ball a little too often, but I liked the way we defended and played with a purpose at the offensive end. We had some people out there that played a little bit out of position at times. Taking all those things into consideration, I thought it was a good effort for us.

On Tina Thompson's milestone:
Having coached against her and now working with her, she's just the true professional: coming to work every day, takes care of herself and had one of the nicest touches on the basketball that I've ever been around. She knows how to score. Good teammate. She's a proven winner. When you watch her play, she makes winning basketball plays. She'll go down as one of the all-time greats.

On looking ahead the rest of the week:
We're going to get a lot of rest between now and Friday and take advantage of these days off and then finish off the (regular) season. We want to come in here and play well Friday, there's no question. We don't know what day we're playing yet, either the following Thursday or Friday, but we want to be as fresh as possible going into the playoffs.


On reaching 7,000 career points:
The good thing was that I didn't know about it until today. Before it was like, 'When are you going to do it?' That was definitely a difference. For me that was good.

On the game:
We knew that they were a little short-handed because Sylvia (Fowles) wasn't playing. And they were kind of small, so we were taking advantage of that.

On starting the game quickly:
When you start well, you gain that momentum and sustain it. That's always good. I think the last few games we've started well, but we haven't been able to maintain it. Again, it was definitely good having Sue back. She's our point guard and she basically knows everybody inside and out, it just kind of helps with our flow. You can obviously see the difference with Sue running the team versus everyone else, although they did a great job. She's the point guard and it shows.

On her recent performance:
I'm just feeling a little bit better. My knee was pretty screwed up, so it's been hard to get going. When you're not able to move as freely as you're used to, it makes it really difficult. Even now, not being able to completely bend my knee it really takes you out of things you're used to doing. You're limited. I've found my little place in that these are the little things that you're going to be able to do. So do these and try not to do more than that.


On Thompson's milestone:
It's very impressive. It speaks to her ability to score, her longevity and her consistency. You can't overlook those things. There are going to be a lot of players that come into this league, but only a few that have those qualities. She's one of them and I'm happy for her. Not everybody can play that long and still be effective the way she is. That's a whole other ball game to stay effective. That's difficult to do and she's been able to do that.

On the game:
We definitely came into this game wanting to win. We want to continue to prepare for the playoffs and kind of get that chemistry going, and I think that getting to an early lead was great and showed some good things. It's not always easy to play in games like that, for both sides. As the game went on it got a little ugly on our part, but a win is a win and we're obviously happy with it. We'll take it and move on to the next one.

On the game:
We never quite recovered from the first swing that Seattle threw. I think they shot 57 percent in the first half and we never quite recovered from that. I felt we got good looks, but they didn't go down. I felt initially in the first quarter we were reacting to things. Granted, they hit some tough shots, banked a few of them in and attacked the basket. But to get to the black and white of it, you can't be minus-17 on the boards and have any chance of giving yourself an opportunity to have some success. We never did quite turn the corner.

On her message to her team:
Opportunity lost. We don't have a lot of time to wallow in it. We have a very good Atlanta team waiting for us, and that's just the nature of our profession. Of course you look at the tactical and basketball fundamental things - that'll be the easiest part to do. But to make them understand you have an hour to deal with this and be sick about it, then use some of that raw emotion and channel it into something positive.

On the game:
It's a tough loss for us. We dug ourselves too far in a hole to be able to get out of against a veteran team that has players that know how to execute and have good clock management. It's just really unfortunate for us right now.

On regrouping for the last two games of the season:
We don't have a lot of time. We need to win every game and see what happens. It's tough.

On returning to Seattle:
It was cool - the introductions and to see the fans. But once the ball goes up, it's game time. I appreciate the fans in Seattle and I wish them well.

On the game:
We came out in the first quarter and had a lot of miscues on defense and they capitalized off it. Maybe we were too anxious, I don't know.

On fighting for a playoff spot:
We always have to play hard and you always want to win every game.

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