Postgame Quotes/Notes: Storm 101, Tulsa 74

Sept. 6, 2012


On setting a franchise record for assists without any from Sue Bird:
They did a good job of keeping the ball out of her hands. But we had other people who did a good job of finding people like Camille (Little) and Tanisha (Wright). They did an exceptional job. We passed the ball well tonight. Camille and Tanisha had a good week of practice and played well tonight. They really played composed and under control. Camille had the ball in her hands a lot because they were pressing us and leaving her open in the press. She handled it and created a lot of good things and made a lot of good passes to Lauren.

On Lauren Jackson's playing time:
She played a lot in the first, the end of the second and played most of the third. Then the game got to the point where we had a chance to play some other people.

On developing team chemistry:
I think we've had some practice time and that's definitely helped us. We're still evolving and trying to work out some of the chemistry issues. And when I say chemistry it's not players not getting along, I just mean the continuity on the court, just getting the timing of people playing together. This road trip will be good for that. It will be a tough road trip, but a good one from the stand point of getting some game time.


On the game:
We just played better. Everyone was focused and on the same page and knew what the game plan was. No matter tonight we just stuck with it. It's easy to do those things when shots are falling and things are going your way. Of course, there are reasons why that happened. We just came out with a much better focus.

On Coach Agler taking timeout during the second quarter:
I think that was one part mad at us because we gave up something and one part to go yell at the refs. Sometimes those timeouts have a dual purpose.

On setting an assist record as a team:
Lauren is a huge target. Their post players, aside from a few, are much smaller than Lauren. We were just thinking put it up there and get it to her. I can remember Svetlana (Abrosimova) and Tanisha making some really great passes to Lauren. All you have to really do is throw it in her vicinity and Lauren will catch it. She's got some of the best hands.


On her seven assists:
I didn't even know I had that many until they told me. I guess the way they play and try to get the ball out of the point guard's hands I had to bring the ball up a couple of times and I just tried to get the ball to the people who were open and they hit the shots. That's pretty much what it was in a nutshell. Whatever passes in the game that the opportunity presents I try to make the right pass.

On Jackson's performance:
I'm not surprised. It just takes time. We all know how great Lauren is. I'm not surprised at all. It was a good game for her and I hope we can continue to make her feel comfortable and she can keep playing that way. She's been here for a little while and the more we play together every day will be easier. We have a lot of games this week so hopefully every day will be better.


On the game:
Every little bit helps. After the week we've had losing to Phoenix like that, everyone just wanted to get back on track. We did a lot of scrimmaging, going up and back, just learning the plays for me and getting my legs. And everybody is getting used to playing with one another again. Some of the passes tonight were unbelievable from everyone. I just think that if we can keep getting better who knows what our potential will be.

On the game:
Seattle played really well tonight. With those practices they had, they got LJ back in her groove and we just had no answer for her. She played a fantastic game. And they shot so well. We have trouble with them obviously in this building. I didn't feel like we came out with the type of energy on the road that you have to have to play against a good team like this. I give them a lot of credit. I thought they were well prepared and really, really played well.

On the lopsided margin:
Yeah, we were a step slow on everything - guarding the ball, guarding the postup. There were a lot of breakdowns that you can't have against a high-level team like that. Hopefully we can take a look at the video and regroup because we got them again in about 48 hours.

On the game:
It's our first blowout of the season. It's tough, but we're going to have to have a turnaround because we play them again in another two days. We'll go back home, go through practice and fix some things. We were very confused on defense. We were very confused on whether we were going to trap or switch on the pick-and-roll - it was just a lot of confusion on the floor. We needed to talk more. It just wasn't there - there was no energy. We definitely have to have a huge turnaround when they come to our house.

On trying to stop Jackson:
She's big and she's a great shooter, a powerful player. Initially we wanted to front the post. There was no front side so we changed it up and played behind. They were getting easy shots. She's a big player so she can easily shoot over us. We just have to figure things out and come together as a team because she's a great player. She'll be a great player whether she's shooting threes or in the paint.

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