Postgame Quotes/Notes: Phoenix 75, Storm 68

August 30, 2012


On the game:
I thought Phoenix played well. They came in and played extremely well. I think they're getting better. I think (Diana) Taurasi not only gives them more talent on the floor, but she gives them a mentality of expecting to win. I thought they played real well.

On the fourth quarter:
They came and scored the very first possession so we were behind right away. I think we went down by four or six pretty quick. Then we were playing catch up. I think we cut it to three or two at one point, but it was a real disappointing loss for us. And no disrespect towards Phoenix because I think they had a lot to do with that.

On the Storm:
I think we can play much better, obviously. I think that we're a team that's in transition right now. We're bringing people in and we're going to try to get better and make the playoffs.

On combinations that played well:
I thought Ann (Wauters) and Tina (Thompson) gave us some good things in the fourth quarter. They brought some good energy. I think those two are doing well and they're working themselves back in. I think Shekinna (Stricklen) is still progressing as a rookie. She hit some really big shots for us and I'm excited about what she brings and her potential. I just didn't see us have the defensive mindset that we've traditionally had in the past. It's disappointing to lose these home games. We've traditionally had a lot of success at home.


On the game:
I think we just had a bad game. They had a good game and we had a bad game. I don't really know what else to say about it. I think we had a bad game on both sides. We need to figure it out quick. There are only nine games until the end of the season and that's not a lot of time. Now that we do have our full roster we can't take our time. Don't get me wrong, Phoenix played well. You definitely have to give credit to them, but at the same time this was a very uncharacteristic game by us at both ends of the floor.

On what went wrong:
I think our effort wasn't the same as it usually is and sometimes with that you can overcome mistakes, but with each mistake we made it seemed to get worse and worse. It was a bad game. Sometimes you have them. And you have to learn from it, but you don't want to make too big of a deal because you're stressed for nothing and you want to move on and learn.

On the likelihood of reaching the playoffs:
Obviously anything can happen. We've never said in this locker-room that we've clinched a playoff spot. That's clearly not the case. We've always just talked about us getting better and I still believe that if we take care of ourselves and peak at the right time we'll be okay. But it's not going to happen just because I say it. We have to work at it.


On the game:
We just didn't play well. Their intensity was higher than ours. They just played harder than we did and we never matched it. It's unfortunate. It's frustrating. There's no excuse; we have everybody back. It's our job. We're supposed to play hard every game and we didn't do it tonight.

On her mindset tied after three quarters:
I always feel confident in our team. I looked at the score and felt we could make a run. It's unfortunate that we didn't. It's just frustrating to experience that and think back on the things that you could have done - things that could have gone different. The next couple of days we'll have time to regroup and get better.

On the game:
They played hard and played together, but more importantly, they had fun. They were laughing, joking, talking to each other - that's the most important thing. If you have fun doing something, I think you do it better. They got into a groove. Everything we wanted them to do that we went over, they did it. They didn't get down when things weren't going well.

On Samantha Prahalis' aggressive play:
I was telling her she has to do that. I was calling her number. Before, she would get to the same spot, but then wouldn't shoot it and turn out. So now she's shooting. She made a step in the right direction. She's a pain when she starts going. And she can do it all the time, too. I told her to just learn from it.

On the game:
It was a good game. We've been saying that sometimes when you lose 10 games in a row you focus on the 10 losses, but we've focused on putting quarters together. Today we put together four quarters of smart and really good basketball. People came to play hard today. It was just good.

On her return:
I've been here nine years so the minute I was back, I felt good.

On building off this win:
There are a lot of things we can do. We have a lot of young players on this team and they're getting valuable playing time that a lot of young kids would die for. They're having an opportunity to play a lot of minutes. It isn't always easy, but we're trying.

On the game:
Man, it's been a long time since we've won. It felt really good to go out there and get a win on the road. We just played really hard. We got some good steals, got some runs, hit some tough shots so it was a good game for us today.

On the relief of ending a losing streak:
Always. It's always a big relief. You kind of get tired of losing – that drains you and can give you a bad vibe in the locker room. But as you can see, it helps a lot to win.

On the coaching staff's message to her:
They just told me to be aggressive. I think I settled a couple of times with too many jump shots, so I was trying to get to the rim and be aggressive. I knew the big was going to switch off to me so just being low and making some cuts with my moves.

On ending a losing streak:
It feels good to win. Hopefully we can build off this a little bit. Everyone played really hard and we played for each other. We had fun out there.

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