Postgame Quotes/Notes: Storm 84, New York 66

August 26, 2012


On having all 11 players available:
It was good to see those people back out on the court. They all felt pretty good after the game. Now that we have everybody here, we have to stay healthy and see who plays best with who and those kinds of things. It's practice time and seeing how they react in games. The other factor to that is who you're playing and matchups.

On playing against a team completing a back-to-back set:
Like I said before the game, some teams play well on the back-to-back. We sort of have done that in the past and I think every team is different. We didn't talk about them coming off a back-to-back; we've all been on those road trips. We suffered through a lot of that early in the year. But our focus right now is on ourselves and trying to improve.

On what stood out from the game:
Obviously it's nice to have a lot of size around the rim. I think Lauren (Jackson) felt a lot more comfortable tonight, even though she may not have felt like she shot the ball well statistically. She had good looks and she was taking her shots. She just looked more alive and comfortable out there tonight. I thought Ann (Wauters) and Tina (Thompson) both, without practicing much, went out and did some good things. But I thought Sue (Bird) really set the table with how she played. We got some good play off the bench from Shekinna (Stricklen) and Svetlana (Abrosimova). Tanisha (Wright) and Katie (Smith) both did a good job defensively on their perimeter players, and then Camille (Little) and Sue were the constants. Camille did her thing. I think it's going to be good for Camille and Ann and probably Tina too to have Lauren on the floor with them. There's a lot of attention going that way.

On Stricklen's development:
I think it's all the work that Jenny (Boucek) and her are doing together. It's been valuable. She's very coachable, she works at it, and what I was impressed with tonight was her ability to go rebound the basketball and some of her defensive things. She shot the ball well early in the game and she's getting better in other areas too.


On playing with a full lineup:
I think for the most part we have so many weapons you just have to get the ball to the open person. With this roster and this talent you've got people who can make shots. They make me look good. They make that assist column look really nice. It's nice to finally have the full roster out there. It doesn't mean that things are just going to magically happen on their own. We still have a lot of work to do, but to finally have 11 is definitely a good thing.

On areas the Storm needs to improve:
I think in a game like tonight you're not going to see them, but there are definitely things we have to tighten up - just getting on the same page, getting comfortable with different lineups, getting comfortable playing with one another. Lauren and Tina - this is the first game they've played together. I think just little things that happen throughout the course of the season naturally; we might have to have a little bit of a crash course.

On building an early lead:
It was big for us. We've done some good things, but we haven't played a complete game. We were very focused for this one, and this is a team that we really didn't play particularly well when we played them in New York. We watched a lot of that film and we wanted to come out and show what this team is about. I don't think we've necessarily shown it.


On her play:
It's just a matter of me getting used to playing with the team again and playing a different role. I'm feeling good. It's just a matter of getting the rhythm with the team.

On how long it will take the team to build chemistry:
As we get more practices under our belt then I think we'll reacquaint ourselves with each other and we're going to get better. It was obvious the other night. Our next game we'll get better. You never know what we'll achieve.


On saying the Storm can beat anyone in the league:
I believe it, and I think everybody in this room believes it. We know we have a long way to go. It's a long month of September. We have a lot of games and each game we have to try to get better. I honestly believe we can beat everybody.

On the game:
I've heard NBA counterparts say that the schedule at times just makes it an impossible chance for you. Without in any way taking anything away from Seattle, the league ought to take some of our loss. It was a terrible schedule. We've gone from New York to Connecticut to Chicago to Phoenix to L.A. to Seattle and back to New York in nine days and played six games. When you add in that we're not traveling in Lears [private jets] like the NBA guys - we're going through airport checks and getting there an hour and a half early. It's really hard.

On the Storm:
With that said, I have picked Seattle to be a contender for the Western Conference championship. That's knowing that Minnesota has their whole bunch back and L.A. with their rookie and the addition of Alana Beard and San Antonio has been a surprise and has played very, very well. The West is loaded with those four teams, but I think Seattle, now that they've got Lauren back - and when she gets back in rhythm like I know she can - I can see them getting into the playoffs and winning the whole thing. I told the coaches out there that and wished them good luck. I like this bunch - this is a good franchise. (Lauren) is one of the best women's basketball players in the world and Sue is arguably the best point guard and when you've get that combination with two other leading scorers of all-time there in Katie and Tina - they're a good crew. They'll be right in the thick of it. The fans should jump all over it and enjoy it.

On the Liberty:
We've got our own issues. We have some limitations that we try to overcome and we've played pretty well to be 3-and-3 with the schedule we've had, five of them on the road. I was most proud of my team because we could've lost by 30, but they never gave up. They were still trying even though legs were dead. I was pleased with my team in that respect.

On the game:
We've played six games in nine days. We played last night, had a flight in and had to get up at 6 in the morning, had two hours of sleep and nap time - it's tough mentally. The good thing is we get to go home and have seven home games out of the next 10. That's a positive thing. Seattle played really well and started off strong. We never recovered. We've got to keep getting better. That's the big thing. I'm just trying to make sure this team gets to the playoffs. For us, we've got to keep moving forward.

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