Postgame Quotes/Notes: Storm 72, Phoenix 58

August 16, 2012


On what changed during the second quarter:
I don't think it was one thing, I think we just started to play a little bit. We got some stops. There was a series early in the game when they got a ton of offensive rebounds. We got some easy baskets, we started reversing the basketball. We just didn't attack their zone early in the game.

On positives from the game:
Our assist-to-turnover ratio was positive. We didn't shoot the ball well early in the game, but as the game went on we got better. I thought we had some good energy off the bench. I thought Tina (Thompson) gave us some good minutes. Everyone gave us good minutes off the bench. Camille (Little), Tanisha (Wright) and Katie (Smith) really set the tone defensively.

On getting back to .500:
I thought at some point we were going to be pretty good. I'm not saying we're good right now. I think we have a lot of improvement to make, especially getting everyone on the floor together. This group has worked real hard. They're a real solid group with good chemistry. They've worked really hard this last two and a half weeks. We just want to stay focused on trying to improve. We want to be playing well at the end of the season.


On playing the second half without Sue Bird:
That's what teammates do. You have to pick up a little slack. We've done that all year. That's just part of the game. The fact that we've been practicing here the last couple of weeks really helped. We have a feel for one another. We've been playing every day for the past couple of weeks. We talked about it. We've been here practicing - now we just need to put it into play.

On Svetlana Abrosimova's play:
We all know what Svetty can do. She's been here before and she's done the same thing. We expect those things from Svetty. It's just part of her game.


On the game:
Both teams were trying to get in their flow and play their games. You can scrimmage a little bit in practice, but to get into an actual game definitely takes you getting your legs back under you and executing well.

On getting back to .500:
I figured we'd get ourselves going and start playing a little better basketball. It feels good where we're at, and I feel like we're continuing to make strides to get better. We just have to keep doing that until the end of the season and hopefully put ourselves in a good position heading into the playoffs. Anything can happen at that point. Everyone is playing well and everyone is contributing. Once we get all the pieces together, hopefully that will make us a little stronger.

On what changed in the second quarter:
We got our defense going. I think we moved the ball a little quicker against their zone and got some easy looks. The speed was a little better, sharper cuts, so a combination of executing on offense and getting some stops from our defense.

On the importance of this seven-game homestand:
For us trying to position ourselves for maybe a better spot in the playoffs, it's going to be huge. I've never really started a season like we did the way we were on the road so much. It was pretty tough. And we were still trying to figure out our identity. The combination wasn't a very good start as everybody knows. But we're happy where we're at and we just have to keep getting better every night.

On the game:
We just couldn't score in the second half. DB (DeWanna Bonner) was 3-for-18 and we just couldn't score. Missed open shots. We've been trying to find our rhythm all year, and injuries don't help.

On the game:
I thought we played hard, but it was an off shooting night. There were a few runs they made that were the difference. But we played hard and didn't give up. We stayed together. It was just hard getting over the hump. It's little things, but we'll be alright.

On coming back from the Olympic Break:
It was alright. We were all ready to play, but we were a little off shooting. We'll be OK.

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