Postgame Quotes/Notes: Storm 83, Phoenix 68

July 8, 2012


On Sue Bird:
She was calling a lot of her own number, which is sort of unusual for her. She understood the importance of this game, and she looked like she was fresh compared to everybody else after a back-to-back. It obviously paid off having her sit out yesterday. It didn't help us last night at all, but it paid off today.

On Bird's shooting:
That's about as well as I've seen anybody shoot. What was she, 10-of-11? And she maybe took one or two shots in the second half, if that. I don't know if she even took a shot. But she got to the free throw line. Shooting 10-of-11 is pretty good not shooting layups.

On how he approached Bird threatening her career high:
Nobody told me. I'd probably ask her. She could have got it. We sat her out for quite a while and then put her in for a couple of minutes. She played 30 minutes and scored 31 points. That's pretty good.

On balancing Bird's health and her playing time:
We'll probably give her rest in regards to how we practice her. We'll want her to play in the games, so we probably won't overdue it in practice. She's not the only one. We've got multiple people who are hurting right now. We've got people who are playing big minutes who are not 100 percent. We've just got to try to find a way to play Wednesday, play our best, and then go to Phoenix for our last game before the break.

On approaching .500 after a 1-7 start:
I thought we could, but I didn't know if we would. You just never know. You don't focus on that. You set goals. I said, 'If we can get to eight wins we have a chance to get right back in the thick of things.' So we're there, but I told them not to be satisfied with that. Let's help ourselves even more. We can get to .500 on Wednesday.


On the game:
Sometimes you just have nights like this where things seem to go your way and I just tried to ride it out.

On her hip injury:
It's a little pain in my hip. Mostly I would describe is as a nuisance or annoying. The rest really helped. There was a point after the Connecticut game last week where even walking I could feel it, which I've never really had before. I think just being off it - I really didn't practice very hard that week, and I didn't play last night and it really helped tonight. I didn't feel it that much at all and I was happy with that. I was happy we won, and then second I was happy that my hip didn't hurt.

On her scoring:
(The points) just came. If you look, it was not like I was chucking shots. A lot of them were out of the offense. Sometimes they just drop like that. Early on I hit my first couple of shots and they just felt good. They were within the offense. I wasn't really doing anything; I wasn't forcing anything. The shots were there and I was taking them. They felt good and you just want to keep going and get to those spots. We definitely ran some plays for me to get is those spots - whether it was a pick-and-roll or a down screen.


On her first game back with the Storm:
The fans were amazing. To hear them applaud for me today was just amazing. Even though I didn't play last year, I feel like it's my team. Great memories. It's not easy to join them in the middle of the season, knowing all the plays and the defensive stuff, but I know the girls. I've played with them. The chemistry is great. I just need to get comfortable.

I knew the crowd was going to be loud the first time I came on (the court), but every time I came back into the game they still kept doing it. I was saying, 'This is really special.' They would not stop. It's really nice.

On the game:
Sue came out on fire. That day off really helped her. She came out fresh. We were a little tired, I think. We'll have had three games in 65 hours. It's tough, especially when you can't score. We played hard. It's not their fault - they didn't sign up for that. But they're fighting. Every dog has its day and it's not our day. We'll be back one day.

On the game :
Give credit to Seattle. They played a great game tonight. They were knocking down shots. Sue played one of the best games I've seen her play. She was lights-out in the first half. She really put the team on her back and got them this win. It's tough for us coming off the back-to-back, legs tired ... but no excuses. We came out here and pretty much got beat. They played a great game.

On staying encouraged:
Our team has done a pretty good job of it. Yeah, we're not winning right now, but we've got a lot of injuries and we just have to get better every day and play the best we can. We don't get down too much.

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