Postgame Quotes/Notes: Storm 89, Connecticut 83

July 1, 2012


On bouncing back from Saturday's loss:
It happens all the time in this league. All the teams in this league are pretty good. It got our attention last night. We had a good win at Washington and we go to New York and sit in a hotel for three days and everyone is telling us how good we are playing right now and we go in there and lay an egg. Seattle Storm, we compete, we are champions and we are not going to give in. Early in the year, we were trying to come together and we were 1-7 and it was hard; then we started playing better. We have a lot of championship players in there and they are used to playing like that.

On Camille Little's play:
Oh my. Tanisha Wright is the heart and soul of our team, but Camille is the fabric. When people talk about our team it's Camille's and Tanisha's. Her effort was just resilient; her effort and her energy on the glass and finishing around the glass and getting to the free throw line. She played poised and I'm just really proud of her.

On defending Tina Charles:
We are a good defensive team and you can't do it by just focusing on just one person. We tried to not let her catch the ball in certain spots. She is a great player; she is an MVP-caliber player in this league and I think some of it was she just had a bad night and some of it was we just played hard and didn't make it easy on her.


On bouncing back:
We had a couple hours on the bus to think about things. I know I did for sure. We didn't play our best basketball yesterday and it was disappointing and frustrating. We knew Connecticut was a better team and we knew we could not come in play the same way and expect to win. We just tried to make sure we got off to a good start and we played well today. For me, it was one of those things that I wanted to make sure it was not the same outcome.

On the Storm's toughness:
Toughness is not something that can be taught. You either have it in you or you don't and we happen to have a group that is tough and it's great to play with people like that.

On Tina Thompson:
Just her presence on the floor is always going to be a factor in every game. Tonight it was great to have her out there knocking down shots and spreading the floor. It makes it easier on all of us.


On overtime:
It was a hard-fought game on both sides and I'm sure everyone was tired. We knew the last five minutes we had to grind it out and go to the things that were working in the game.

On bouncing back:
We were terrible in New York and that is something we talked about. We didn't play like ourselves so we wanted to go back to the things that allowed us to win five games in a row.

On Little's play:
She can do a lot of things, especially going to the basket. She is really crafty around there, but it's a matter of her constantly being aggressive and that opens so much for the rest of our team. She was stellar tonight.

On the game:
Basically, we just got outplayed. In the middle portion of the game, there were a lot of individual matchups that they won. Their three post players scored 60 of their 89 points. We didn't shoot it well, but credit their defense. I thought we were a step behind in some areas defensively tonight and it cost us. That is a good team, obviously. They are playing much better than they did earlier. Tina Thompson and Camille Little had terrific games and Sue (Bird) made big shots at the end. We did a good job on her for probably 90 percent of the game, but then they got her a big shot down the stretch. They executed and made their shots. I thought we executed some and the ball didn't go in. I thought Asjha (Jones)'s was going to go in at the end of regulation. It was exactly what we thought we were going to get out of the play. It just hit the back of the rim.

On the Storm scoring twice on inbound passes at the end of the shot clock:
I saw us go to sleep. Our basic defense in those situations is to not allow back cuts. You push them out toward the corners. We got beat on back cuts on both plays. That's individual defense going to sleep.

On the Storm's post players:
Their bigs outplayed us. When you get 47 points between Camille Little and Tina Thompson, and Ewelina Kobryn comes of the bench and gets 13, we didn't match them. I thought Ali (Hightower) and Kara (Lawson) had pretty good games. I thought we did a good defensive job on Katie Smith, but it wasn't good enough.

On how teams are defending Tina Charles:
First of all, she is getting double-teamed a lot. She has missed some shots that she normally makes. I thought early in the game, she settled for some jump shots. I thought that she had a matchup where she could attack inside.

On what she needs to do to stay strong in the second half:
Just my mindset - not worrying about the first half or how I played and just trying to take control of every possession I can.

On whether the Storm adjusted its defense:
No, they were just playing me really hard. They had a lot of double teams, they clogged the paint. It was tough.

On giving up inbound scores at the end of the shot clock:
I think we miscommunicated. Somebody said one thing and we thought it meant something else, and they wound up with open shots.

On letting this game get away:
It's not the first time. The L.A. game kinda felt like that also. We had our chance to win. We let them get into a situation where they can hold the ball at the top of the key, dribble drive, and you know it's tough when they have a four out there hitting threes from long range, so it was a situation where we had to help and hope they missed.

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