Postgame Quotes/Notes: Storm 79, Washington 71

June 26, 2012


On the game:
We are going to take every road win; road wins are very difficult. Our team has gotten better over the last three weeks. We better get road wins, because we have so many of them the first half of the season. We are happy with it. It was a little bit of a rollercoaster, but we finished off strong.


On the game:
All wins on the road are great. When you can come into another team's building and steal one that's a positive thing. It may not look pretty the whole time, but we are glad to be leaving with a win.

On the Storm:
We have a team full of players that are very tough and good on the court, and that's what you saw tonight. It was a group of people who wanted to answer back, hold strong, and at the end to take enough of a lead that the game was ours.


On the game:
It's really hard when you have to play a team twice in a row. They had a lot of energy. We started pretty well, we had very good defense, but then in the second quarter they started to pull ahead.

On the difference in the halves:
Our coaching staff, they were kind of on us. We played pretty good in the first quarter, but then in the second quarter we kind of faded. We needed to go back to that first quarter, the way we played then. It was also us, playing hard and never giving in.

On the game:
We talked about playing better but we didn't. We have the same concern that we only play three quarters well and one quarter not well and this particular game we didn't start off well with only 10 points in the first quarter. But to our credit we fought and came back.

On the free throw differential:
I thought it was tough because we were really attacking the basket and I thought there were times that we should have gone to the free throw line. Any time a team scores 30 points at the free throw line, that's tough. We have to do a better job defending without putting people at the free throw line.

On the bench's play:
We have talked about everybody being more consistent. The first quarter we got out of sync offensively and then the bench came in and played well. Mo (Currie) came in and had a really good game. (Shannon) Bobbitt is really starting to understand our system. Natasha Lacy also gave us some great work off the bench.

On the way the Storm defended her:
I just try to let the game come to me and I don't try to force things. They were doubling quickly, especially in the first half. I was just trying to kick it out and get decent touches.

On adjustments before facing Connecticut:
We are just going to have to make a lot of adjustments. Offensively we need to execute really well. Defensively we have to go against Tina Charles and Asjha Jones. We're going to have to be on point on both sides of the ball.

On coming back after falling behind early:
I think we fought hard. We just made little mistakes here and there and it cost us in the end. Seattle is a really good team, so when you make mistakes, they make you pay for it. I think ultimately that's what lost us the game.

On looking for her shot:
I've been struggling lately but my teammates continue to encourage me and push me. Sometimes you get down but you can get back out. I continue to work, get in the gym and try to make things come back to me.

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