Postgame Quotes/Notes: Storm 72, Washington 55

June 24, 2012


On his message during a timeout early in the game:
It wasn't necessarily Xs and Os. It was more about competing harder and being more aggressive offensively. And not making it so easy for them offensively. And I think we responded pretty well. We responded. We played Friday night and had a chance to prepare, and I thought our team did a good job of responding and being prepared for what they were going to see. Although I do think Washington did some pretty good things against us late in the second half.

On using a variety of lineups:
We've got players who are practicing well and playing well and we wanted to give them an opportunity. We got Alysha (Clark) in, Eva (Kobryn) got quite a bit of time in the fourth quarter, and we got a chance to play Tina (Thompson) at the three and Camille (Little) at the three a little bit. But not unlike Washington - they played everybody too. Teams are still evaluating situations.

On playing Kobryn and Ann Wauters together:
It gave Ann the ability to be more to herself where she can be more finesse-ful, and Eva can take more of the pounding. We just wanted to see that at some point in this homestand and see what happened.

On Washington's 13 offensive rebounds:
That's an area where we're going to have to get better at. Whatever it was is not going to play well for us on Tuesday.


On the game:
It was one of those games where we knew what we had to do to win, and it was good to get another one. You can never relax in this league, no matter who you're playing. Obviously, for us at home we always feel like we're going to win. We just wanted to finish off the game and play a complete 40 minutes no matter what the score was.

On the Storm's improvement:
I think we're more comfortable and know our roles and what each of us needs to do. And when we're not doing it we can recognize what we do need to do and change it.

On whether the team is playing its best basketball:
No. I think we're playing better, but I think there is still more to go. We still kind of have some lapses here and there. It will probably happen throughout the season, but the more we can minimize them. We still have a long ways to go. We did a much better job at the defensive end. Brian's system is something you have to get used to. There is a lot of lingo and a lot of intensity to it, and some different schemes that some players may not have seen before. Now that we're all used to it, this is the best way I can sum it up, rather than thinking about it we just go out and play with that in the back of our minds. It's more instinctual.


On the game:
I think we did a pretty good job on defense. We were active and we pushed them to make some hard shots. If we're active like that it always helps us to get going in our offense and be aggressive. I think our offense, we executed pretty well. We got some open looks and knocked them down. We found each other in pick-and-rolls when they'd switch. I think we focused on the game and executed pretty well.

On the Storm trying a variety of lineups:
I think as the season goes our coaching staff will definitely try different lineups. You never know against which team which lineup will work better. Of course, when you have a lead you can try sometimes. We played with a bigger lineup and it can help us. It's always good to have that option.

On the game:
We didn't shoot the ball well at all and really struggled offensively, and that really hurt us. Seattle is a great offensive team and there were times when we needed to get a couple stops and left them open. Overall offensively, we just struggled. We missed a lot of open shots. We did take care of the ball and took 15 more shots than them, but we just struggled to put the ball in the hole.

On the Mystics' progress:
Our approach is to get better. This particular team has really only been together two weeks. We picked (Shannon) Bobbitt up two weeks ago and she's still trying to learn the system and we're still trying to learn each other. We've been on a long road trip. Not to make excuses, but I felt like we were mentally fatigued. When our shots didn't fall, it took the wind out of our defense. We made a lot of defensive errors and you can't do that against a good team.

On the game:
Tough game for us. I felt like they controlled the pace the entire game. Our offense really wasn't clicking and things just didn't go our way.

On the Mystics struggling to score:
It was their defense, too. They forced us into some shot clock violations. But offensively we have to shoot when we're open and be confident in our shots. Nights like this are tough because we never really got it going.

On going home for a rematch with the Storm:
Yes, it's always nice to go back home so hopefully we can pull out some wins. We know what to expect so we'll be ready.

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