Postgame Quotes/Notes: Storm 82, San Antonio 76

June 22, 2012


On the Storm's defensive effort:
I thought in a lot of ways we did a lot of good things. We were working hard, but we had some lapses during the game where we didn't respect people as much as we should have. Then we had time keeping them off the free throw line. It kept them in the game.

On how the Storm has improved since losing in San Antonio:
I think we've improved through the course of the year, but I agree that was probably the low point of the year. Not a lot of energy at either end of the floor that game. But I also think that San Antonio had a lot to do with that. I think they're a good team, but hopefully we're improving and moving forward.

I think we're more efficient. I think we shot over 30 threes that game, but not we're being more aggressive at the rim. Our defense has gotten better the last two weeks as well.

On six players scoring double figures:
It was good. I think we're sharing the ball and everyone contributed. It was good to see our whole team be aggressive the scoring category.

On his confidence in Tanisha Wright at the free throw line:
Tanisha is a great free throw shooter. I think she's hard on herself because she missed a couple, but she and Sue (Bird) both are tremendous free throw shooters down the stretch. Are they perfect? No, no one's perfect.


On playing at home:
When you play in front of this crowd, no matter what the score is, you always feel like you're going to win. That's just the support they give.

On the Storm's progress:
I think there is still a long way to go and we can get better, but we're starting to see our identity come out to really know what we can rely on. Out there in a tight game you need that comfort level and we're starting to get that and you're seeing it in the games.

On Wright's performance:
She did great. She can really break things down. Everything was just stretched wide open for her to get into the lane. I trust her just as much as anybody in this room, if not more. She's proven herself.

On playing better against the Silver Stars:
I think in terms of frustration level, that was probably the low point in San Antonio. At that point we weren't really playing well collectively in terms of effort; we've been on the up and up since. But tonight we just wanted to get a win, especially on our home court, especially against a Western Conference team. Now we'll have them two more times and they're going to be big games. I think there will definitely be playoff implications.


On the game:
We let up a little bit in the fourth quarter. We let them score too many points. Luckily for us we were able to outscore them. We just have to do a better job of that. Sometimes you're just not as focused and they take advantage of things. They got a hot hand and were making tough shots. That's what happens when you let up just a little bit. I think that's what happened. We let up a little bit, they got momentum, and the hot hand, and all of a sudden everything was going through the basket.

On making free throws down the stretch:
I practice throws every day. It's not a big deal.

On the game:
It was odd because I think for three quarters it was a very physical basketball game and then the fourth quarter we had 63 points scored (combined). Seattle got really good balance from their lineup with six players in double figures. I thought we did a good job of handling their runs and coming back; we just couldn't get control of the game.

On the difference in the game:
To me it was Tanisha Wright. We had a hard time containing her. She got in the lane on us and not only finished, but created plays. I thought it was Wright that really broke us down in situations. I give her a lot of credit - she was the player that kind of broke our back. But we kept fighting back and I was really pleased with the way we answered. We just couldn't get the stops enough to get the lead. We could never get the lead in the second half and that was key. We made our runs, but not enough to get the lead.

On the game:
We started off a little sluggish. With this team playing at home, you have to get a big lead to beat them. It was a close game and the good thing was we never stopped fighting. Seattle is a great team at home so we'll just take this game and move on to the next. We just didn't make quite enough plays.

On carrying the team offensively:
I have a lot of faith in my teammates and the same with me because I've struggled a lot this season. We just have to lift each other up. Everyone isn't going to make shots, but we can still win the game not making shots. We can do the little things - play good defense and get some big buckets. It seemed like they had a lot of points in the paint and a lot of offensive rebounds. We just have to do the little things.

On the game:
That second quarter hurt us a little bit. We made some mistakes defensively and every time we didn't stick to the scheme, they made us pay. We'd like to have a couple of those minutes back to fix those little things. We didn't shoot the ball very well - 35 percent - and still had a chance to win the game down the stretch. They're very tough here and close well here. Tanisha really hurt us tonight. She got to spots on the floor, was splitting traps ... she was a handful tonight. We'll have to look at some film and try to do a better job on her next time.

On what she takes from the game:
We shot the ball bad and were still in the game, so defensively we were giving ourselves a chance. We got to the free-throw line well. We were strong, but just have to finish a little bit better. The last five minutes of the second quarter I'd like to have back.

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