Postgame Quotes/Notes: Storm 86, Tulsa 73

June 15, 2012


On the game:
I don't know if we made any changes; we just played consistently. We shot the ball from the three-point line early and Sue (Bird), whenever we needed the big shot she seemed to handle it. The Shock are really aggressive defensively so we countered that by spacing the floor and reversing the basketball. I thought we did a good job with that.

On the Shock moving forward:
I think Tulsa is going to be a team like us - it's just going to keep getting better and better. I know they might be a bit disappointed. They had a week of practicing getting prepared for this game and wanted a better showing, but they've got a young team and they play with a lot of energy, they compete hard. Coach Kloppenburg has done a great job with them. I think they shot the ball well in the first three quarters. They are going to get some wins this year.


On the game:
We came in here needing a win. I know Tulsa needs wins also, but we are a team that's been on the road and haven't had any success so tonight we were focused. For us it always starts with defense, getting out in transition - that is always going to be a good thing for us. Tonight our team played very well together offensively.

On the Shock:
They are a very tough team to play on defense. They like to trap, they like to press, maybe confuse you and make it chaotic and I think we handled that well and just found the open player. We were knocking shots down and we have a team that, when we are doing that, we are tough to beat.


On the game:
I think we stayed aggressive, we executed pretty well. We stayed focused. That was the main thing for us in this game - no letups. We have had a couple of games where all of the sudden we have that one period where do whatever. I think we really focused for 40 minutes so I think that was the main thing for us today.

On the game:
I thought we battled them. We had a lapse in the second quarter where we let them do what they wanted to do and that got us in a hole at halftime. In the second half we really battled them. We fought. We turned them over. We forced 17 turnovers and we only had 10. We did some good things. They were just better. If you look at their lineup, they have some world-class players and we're still a young team that's growing talent-wise. I told the kids in there, we are preparing like we are a 9-0. We are going to come back and get prepared for Phoenix and battle them. We are going through a tough stretch with our team and we need to stay positive and keep trying to do better.

On staying positive:
One thing we can't do is get comfortable with how things are going. It's easy for things to unfold when situations like this happen. I harped on staying together, trying to be as positive as I possibly can. In actuality we are making some great strides and turned some things around. The best thing to do is stay as positive as you can through the storm because once you get out of it you definitely come out full speed.

On the Shock:
We learn from a lot of our mistakes. We are making a lot of mistakes but that is more opportunities to learn from them and develop our game, personally and as a team. All these losses are just making us stronger. It's giving us a chance to learn and that's what we're all here for, especially me as a rookie. Coming in young, I'm open and willing to learn as much as possible.

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