Postgame Quotes/Notes: San Antonio 80, Storm 67

June 9, 2012


On the Silver Stars pulling away during the third quarter:
Well, I can't really remember the exact sequence of play, but I would guess we probably gave up a couple of second shots, maybe we had a turnover or two, missed shots and they got in transition.

On adjustments:
We substituted and did some things. We're still at a point now where we've got to get our team, this group right here, playing Storm basketball and it's going to have to come through our determination and our practice time. It's going to be from our leadership within our team. It's going to be from making some changes in regards to possibly who's playing, who's starting, and the combinations on the floor. All of those things.

On possible changes:
I'm not saying we're going to make a wholesale change. We've got our team and we're going to look forward, but we're going to really analyze how we're doing things; what we're calling offensively, combinations on the floor, and maybe the process of what we're playing out there offensively.

On Sue Bird's shooting slump:
Sue is the best point guard in the world. Sue had a poor shooting night tonight. There's not one person or one player I've been around that I've had more confidence in than Sue Bird. And that's a very easy statement to say. I look back on the four years, this is my fifth year, on how many times we've relied on her to come through, and she comes through. I know Sue Bird. I know what she's capable of doing, and I know what she's going to do. So in regards to my questioning her, I don't. What I would like for her to do, Tanisha (Wright) to do, and Camille (Little) to do is help us develop an identity of our team. I think all good teams, and they don't even really have to be good, but at some point in the season when a team is starting to play well, they develop an identity of some kind, something that they hang their hat on, and at this point our team hasn't done that. So our staff included, our team, needs to find that, and we're going to find it.


On the Storm:
I just think we are not playing very well. I think it starts with me. We can do a much better job on both sides of the ball, not just offense. We know need to get better. We know we need to get wins. It's the same story after every loss.

On her importance:
Literally, the ball is in my hand to start with. We just have to do a much better job and it starts with me.

On the shots she had:
I had some wide-open looks. I am just not shooting the ball very well. Everybody in this room, when they get wide-open looks they need to take them and of course you want to make them. Unfortunately, for me they just don't seem to be dropping right now.

On recapturing past success:
I never really think back to previous seasons. If you try to duplicate something, the more frustrating it can be. We have a new team and it is a new year. It is up to us to create our own journey. Right now it is definitely not feeling good but at the same time we know we have the pieces in this locker room. We just need to put it together.


On the Storm:
I think right now we are just not getting the job done. We are not doing what is necessary to win basketball games.

On Coach Agler's halftime message:
We talk Xs and Os. We talk effort. We talk a lot of different things at halftime. The same stuff we have been saying. The bottom line is when you are in a funk like this, it doesn't matter - you need to find ways to get it done. Right now we are not finding ways to get done.

On playing from behind:
I don't know but that kind of thing kills you. Those are the times when we need to dig down and show our character. Right now the character of this team isn't showing. Collectively (and) individually it is not showing. We know the characters or players that are on this team.

On the Storm moving forward:
We still have however many games. We will stick together. We will take it back to the drawing board, work hard, and try to get it done.

On the game:
I thought that was the best basketball game we've played all year. What I liked is that we shot the ball well. I really liked our bench. We've always thought that our bench can be a factor. I think we got 41 points from our bench tonight. Too see some of the young ones starting to gain some confidence is kind of exciting.

On going deepers in the rotation on the second game of a back-to-back set:
Our bench has been developing and there was an inclination to go there. Ziomara (Morrison) has been getting better and better in practice. It's one of those things where we are seeing it and we want it to come out on the court. Different combinations allowed us to play our entire roster to a degree. We shot the ball well. Everything looks a lot better when you shoot the ball well. We shot it well from the three-point line. We shot it well from the free throw line. We shot it well from an execution standpoint.

On developing players:
The schedule is kind of funny with the time we have right now. It gives us some time to practice and evolve some things. We're merging some new people. We've got second-year players. There is a learning curve. We're not very patient about getting to it. We need our bench to be impactful with this team. That's been getting better. If we can get to there, then that could be something special with this team. Because I think our bench can be very, very good.

On playing back-to-back games:
I think we lost two in a row so we tried to make sure it wasn't three in a row. Seattle has always been a tough team for us. So I would say we really focused and concentrated tonight. We didn't get a lot of sleep last night. We just came in and stepped in and stepped up and played our game.

On the play of reserves:
I thought the bench stepped up big time. I thought we were very focused. We depend on our bench a lot. I think Danielle Adams stepped up a lot. She brings a lot of energy from off of the bench. Jia (Perkins) as well, along with Shenise (Johnson). They bring a lot of aggression and energy from off of the bench. And even Ziomara tonight. She stepped up and played a good game.

On starting well:
That's something we knew coming in that had to be crucial. It was crucial for us to get a big jump. Playing against them, they have been here for two days. They were rested. We were coming off. We knew that it was going to be more about mental toughness than anything. I think we started off great and that's what helped us tonight.

On the bench's play:
Rookies tonight. Definitely stepping up. Zio hit her shots. She works on it every day in practice. I think it was great for everybody else to see it. Shenise is getting better every day. She is putting it together now, offensively and defensively. I think both of them together, they played off of each other and helped us a lot tonight.

On depth of contributions:
Before the game, coach asked for four people to be in double figures and we had five - one of them being Zio, which was great for us. When that happens it's easy for the rotation to work.

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