Postgame Quotes/Notes - Minnesota 79, Storm 55

June 7, 2012


On the Storm being too nice:
I don't know if we were nice, but we were extremely passive. I think when our team wants to move in that direction [being more aggressive], we will start moving in that direction.

On the focus in practice:
We are pretty familiar with not having our best player. So we don't really talk about it at all. I think of it as another opportunity for those other players to step up.

On moving forward:
We'll watch film and work to get better.

On Taj McWilliams-Franklin's perfect shooting:
It bothers me a lot.

On the game getting away from the Storm:
I thought some parts of the second quarter and early parts of the third quarter we started showing some signs of some good things. Then -- I will have to watch the film to be exact -- but you know it went from seven points to 13 to 18 to 22. Turnovers, missed shots, defensive breakdowns -- a combination of things.


On the game:
Clearly, we didn't play well both times we've played against them. They were able to take advantage. They played very well. Sometimes when you're missing a player, such as Seimone, people tend to step up. I think they had a lot of players do that. They just played very well.

On the Lynx's balance:
As a team, for Minnesota, I think you look at their box score and it's very even. You know they had a lot of players do a lot of good things. I know when I'm a point guard on a team like that, you don't have to do much.

On the Storm's mindset:
We have to bounce back. There's no doubt about that. We are in a position where, while we do feel we've gotten better, we didn't show it tonight. We've got to start winning games. It just gets to a point where you just have to stop thinking so much and go out there and find a way to win.


On the Storm:
We can definitely get better. I think it's important for us that we do get a win, that we do find a way to play with each other, to play more physical on defense, to get the rebounds. It's tough for us right now, you know. We can also learn about it a lot. We have two days now before our next game in San Antonio, which will be another hard game. We just have to find a way to really go out there and compete.

On getting comfortable:
Well, I try to take it game by game. I just try to give my best every game, every night out there on the floor. I hope I will get used to it more and more, playing here and with a new team.

On the game:
I'm really pleased with the way that we stepped up for each other. Physically, we had some situations we had to get through. Seimone, right before the game, she's been having some problems with her - I hate to say knee because you guys are going to think it's a knee problem - it's really muscular just above her knee that she's been struggling with. We just thought that it's really best that we strike her from the lineup. We put Monnie (Monica Wright) in there; I thought Monnie did an admirable job.

On bench play:
I thought our bench was huge for us. Candice Wiggins' minutes were really important -- the energy, and really in tough moments in the game she opened it up for us. Obviously you guys saw Devereaux Peters was really good for us. Effort all around. I thought Taj was really solid, Brunson was good in moments, Maya was good early. I'm really happy from a team standpoint that we each did something to pick each other up and were able to beat a solid Seattle team.

On Augustus' injury:
It has probably been about a week that she has been having some discomfort. It is muscular. She has had a couple of days off prior to the game, tried to do some cutting before the game and it was still bothering her. We just said, 'Hey, it's a long season.' And we felt like we just wanted to try it without her. I'm not sure exactly when it happened. I think the trainers probably have better info on that.

On an alley-oop to McWilliams-Franklin:
Obviously Taj wears 8, and she was 8-for-8, so we alley-ooped to Taj McWilliams-Franklin. That was the play of the game. I turned to Shelley P (Assistant Coach Shelley Patterson) and asked, 'Did we just alley-oop to Taj McWilliams-Franklin?' Shelley said, 'Yes, we did.' Taj joked that there was a piece of paper that could barely fit under her feet, that she jumped so high to catch and lay it in. Taj is really good. She came out of the game strong. She did have four turnovers while trying to make home run plays. I just thought Taj physically felt very, very good tonight.

On maintaining the lead:
Believe it or not, we talk about these things at timeouts. We don't want to make home run plays. We want to move Seattle's defense and share the ball, make extra passes and we'll get easy shots. When you see those eight turnovers in 11 possessions, if you go back and look -- it's the home run plays that we're trying to make that just aren't there. We have to resist those urges, because we have those moments every game. The combination of turnovers and not getting stops, and the next thing you know they got it down to seven. They cleaned it up, and unlike past games where we let a team back in it, we were able to then reverse it and go back up again and keep the game in hand.

On playing without Augustus:
For me personally, I know what kind of team we have. I don't take that as any other motivation than what it is. It's just like if she had gotten injured during the game, like with my back in Washington. Players had to play. We have such a great team from top to bottom that it really doesn't matter who plays or who doesn't play. We are going to have each others' back.

On improved rebounding:
We do what we normally do - box out, get the rebounds and go. It wasn't any big changes. When you see yourself on TV, it does not lie. You can't say, 'No, I boxed her out' or 'No, I didn't' when you watch it. (Coach Reeve) showed us all of them from all of the games. So when you see that and you see your effort and you go out and do the same, then that says something about you. But when you go out and change what you were doing, that also says a lot about who you are and how you go about your craft.

On playing without Augustus:
This team has great starters - three Olympians, just all around some of the best players in the league - and to know the bench can come in keep that energy going and you won't have any type of lapse in the game is just a good feeling.

On the bench:
I think we had a lot of energy. In practice, Coach has been talking about if you play hard there are not many mistakes you can make. If you make a mistake, you're probably going to make up for it if you're going hard. So I think a lot of us took it to heart and came out and had a lot of energy throughout the game and we did a lot of good things.

On emphasizing the three-point shot:
I've been a shooter my whole lifeā€¦ I know when I went to Stanford my coach really broke down to me the importance of a three-pointer. A lot of times, in fact. Direct quote from her, 'We didn't recruit you for your defense. We recruited you for your shooting. Statistically speaking, the more accurate you are at a three-point shot it's more accurate than you are at two.' So I just knew that and I know that on this team especially we have so many great people who can tackle the balance and we've got great post players. I think the thing our team really needs is a three-point bomber, so that's what I've been determined to be this year.

On playing without Augustus:
I found out (about Augustus' absence) probably around the same time everyone else did. Mone is the type where I've seen her play through. She's the toughest person I've ever played with in my life, male or female. Seriously. For her I know that it was really tough. Like our coach said, 'Man down, man up.'

On maintaining a lead:
I just think we were really focused. We've had the experience of having that happen and we were determined not to let it happen. It was our defense and our rebounding.

On sitting out:
I told (Coach Reeve) I had a great time sitting courtside. It's my first courtside WNBA game. I enjoyed myself. It's hard to sit there, but at the same time I had a lot of fun tonight just to see them play well together and have fun out there. To play against a tough team like Seattle and pull out a good win like this was also amazing.

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