Postgame Quotes/Notes: L.A. 67, Storm 65

June 3, 2012


On the final shot:
Nneka (Ogwumike) took a (heck) of a shot. We had (Candace) Parker and (Kristi) Toliver guarded, it was a tough situation, she had a heck of a shot and that's the way it goes.

On the Storm's progress:
We are a team that's improved a lot in two weeks are we are not done improving, we are gonna look at the film, see what we can do better, and focus on that.


On the Storm's play:
Our defense in the past couple weeks got much better and tonight we saw that.

On the final shot:
I should have rotated. I was scared to leave a post player behind me so I tried to stay with the post player to get the shot. It's a lesson learned.


On what the Storm needs to do:
We just have to close out. We were up but we didn't score for a while and we have to be able to close out if we want to win the game.

On what worked against the L.A. defense:
I think we moved the ball well. I think we moved the ball and spread their defense out.

On the game:
We had a great week of practice but we didn't come out and play like we've been practicing. We had to overcome ourselves and hang with Seattle. I thought going into the fourth quarter changed the mentality and our bench was really good at doing little things that changed the energy.

On the final shot:
We told them that our first two options were Parker or Toliver, but that I had a feeling that one of the other three girls would get the shot, so I told them to be ready for it. It wasn't a designed play but I told them to make sure they were ready.

On her team's offense:
It was a team effort on the offensive end. It was collective and we found a way to win that didn't look very pretty on the offensive end until the last shot.

On scoring points in the paint:
We have been working on that at practice all week so obviously we have more work to do. We've got to be able to score, whether it's inside or outside, to be consistent with our offense.

On Ogwumike having an off night:
Her mentality is that she just wants to win. It's not any one person; everyone just wants to pitch in where they can. In the locker room Nneka said, 'I just wanna win,' and I think it's good for her confidence and for her teammates to know that other people can contribute as well.

On the final shot:
Coach said to be ready, and getting that shot was really great. I think I was rushing throughout the game, but when it comes down to it, I try not to give up on every play. Coach kept telling me I was playing hard and that's what kept me going down to the last second.

On the Storm:
They played really strong defense and there weren't many one-on-one opportunities. Especially in the fourth quarter.

On the game:
We tried to stay consistent and be aggressive. We want to always value the ball and push through to handle adversity.

On the final shot:
I think it's great that Nneka was the one who stepped up today. They double-teamed Candace, and Nneka was the only one open. At all times, only one of us is going to be the playmaker. And today she was it.

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