Postgame Quotes/Notes: Minnesota 84, Storm 71

May 27, 2012


On committing 17 turnovers:
They can score on you if you turn it over if you don't get back on defense. So we did get better in our turnover situation against a good defensive team. We didn't get back on defense a few times. I thought we did some good things. I think we're a team that's improving.

On the Storm's defense:
I think that's an area we can get a lot better at and we will get better at. That's a guarantee. We will get better defensively. Offensively, I thought we some decent things execution-wise but there are some areas we have to shore up there as well. We've got to play stronger and read their defense and fight through some of their defensive schemes.

On Sue Bird playing better in the second half:
Oh we will get her going. She'll be fine. We're still a team with a lot of new pieces and still improving.

On setting a franchise record for three-point attempts:
I think that they left us open so we took shots and we've got some pretty good shooters. I think we shot 41 percent, so that definitely was a positive.


On starting 0-3:
I think we believe in each other. In this locker room, everybody knows that we'll get better. Each day, we will progress and get to know each other better, play better together. At the end of the season we'll see where we are at. So I mean it is tough losing. Nobody likes it. It's also being strong in those tough moments and getting better.

On transitioning back to the WNBA:
I am new here in this team so I'm learning each day and I'm trying to do my best to get adapted as fast as I can. It is a physical league. It is more physical than it is in Europe. It is a faster pace. The best players in the world are here so it is the best competition in the world. It is hard every game. That's what makes it so interesting.

On the Lynx:
I think they know each other really well. I think they have a very good chemistry. They have a lot of weapons at each position so you can feel that they're building that, of course, like they did last year. I think we are just at the point where we still have to get familiar with each other and playing with each other. So that's kind of like the difference. They're already like really something nice to build on and we're working towards it.


On the Storm:
We have a ways to go to get to where we want to be. You never know when you face a great opponent. You can't relax and think you're going to win games.

On starting 0-3:
It's difficult. I don't think any of us are used to losing in our professional or college careers. So it's something we're going to have to work through. You know we have a lot of new faces in here and it's going to take some time for us to work and play well together. It's no excuse. We're going to have to find a way to dig out and get some wins.

On building cohesion:
It's been a journey but it happens. There's nothing you can do about it. It's something that happens when you make changes like that. You have to work through them. That's about the only thing you can do.

On the game:
I told the team this was the first time this year that I thought that we played Lynx defense. And I thought that it didn't matter which player came in, they were on point with the scouting report. We were in their cuts, and I thought we made it very difficult for them to get the ball where they were trying to get it to. So that's where I was happiest. I thought early on we were getting great looks. We just didn't knock them down. I thought we stayed with it. All in all, I thought we probably played our best game of the season so far.

On the Storm's three-point attempts:
Yeah, that's what Seattle's doing. They shoot higher from three than they do from two this season, so that's a big part of their arsenal. That was a big number, 34 threes. That was a really big number. I think it was even more than when Phoenix came in here. I just thought that our activity on the ball was really good. When you've got ball pressure on the perimeter and you're fighting in the post, it makes it difficult.

On Devereaux Peters' play:
It's just what she does. She's just a person who is extremely efficient in the minutes that she gets. For a bench player, that's really, really important. I think that was her best game by far as a Lynx player, and I can just see her getting more and more comfortable. As she sees each of the teams for the first time, you can see her trying to find her way through it.

On Seimone Augustus' play:
I can't say enough about Seimone. That's a player that draws so much attention, and she's just figuring things out. I know Seattle was really trying to get to her early in transition, putting bodies around her. So Seimone was smart enough to figure out - obviously she's so good individually offensively - 'Tonight's my night to drop dimes and get other people involved.' That's an MVP player that just understands, 'There's more than one way to help my team.' The assists for us, that was huge.

On the Storm:
I think that they definitely have potential to be a really good team this year. Obviously with Sue, Tanisha (Wright), Camille - all those players that played with each other for a bunch of years now - once they get the other players kind of into that group, they're going to be a really great team.

On the Lynx's play:
I think today was really good. I think we did some really good things on the floor. I felt like we had a little more flow to our game. We shared the ball well, played really connected on defense, and I think tonight was a really good day for us.

On the team's motivation:
We're going to enjoy this victory, but we're going to move forward to the next game, which is against Washington. We stay motivated because we have team goals that we set in training camp - things that we want to do. ...We're trying to make history here and break some history from years ago.

On whether it's difficult to take the season one game at a time:
It's not hard at all, especially when you play in a league like this. Every game is different. Every team is different. So you have to be able to focus in on that one game.

On transitioning to the WNBA:
The players are stronger and smarter, so you definitely have to step up. But being on a team like this where I can ease my way into it and I'm surrounded by great players, it's been a pretty simple transition for me.

On her game:
It felt great. I think a lot of the focus was on Seimone and (Whalen) and (Rebekkah Brunson) and that just opened up me to get easy shots. It was pretty easy.

On how the WNBA has compared to her expectations:
It's pretty much everything I expected. When I got here, I had a sit-down with Coach. She told me what she wanted from me and what she wanted me to do for the team and what she wanted this year to be for me. So it's pretty much been that, and everything she asked of me, I'm trying to do. It hasn't been anything that's really taken me by surprise.

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