Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 78, Tulsa 72

Sept. 2, 2011


On the Shock:
We played them twice earlier in August and I was impressed with how they played. Right before our last game, I said, ĎThey are not going to make the playoffs, but they are going to impact the playoffs in some way because they are going to beat some people before it is over.í We beat them that night, but they turned around and beat Los Angeles and then Connecticut. They have impacted the playoffs, and I donít think they are quite done yet. I know they have road games, and that is tough to win, but they are tough.

On Tulsa's hot early shooting:
It didnít make me real comfortable, but I think I was interested in how we would respond. It was 11-11, then all of a sudden it was 18-11. I could tell our players were upset about that. So we did respond pretty well. We cut the lead and then took the lead in the second quarter.


On the Shock:
You have to give them credit, because every game they come out and play relentlessly. And tonight we saw that. An outsider might look at their record and think they must be terrible. Theyíre really not. Itís just in this league a few possessions here and there can cost you the game. I think for us, every game we have played here has really come down to the last few possessions. And once again we were able to make the plays that we needed to make and hold on to the lead. But they are a very tough team to play.


On the game:
It was all about clinching that playoff spot. It was just one of those games. It was frustrating, I think, for both teams. I think they played really well. Tulsa is a scary team to play because they keep getting better. Itís unfortunate that the season is so short, because they would probably win a lot more games. Iím just glad we are done playing them for the season, because they are good.

On Ivory Latta's injury:
We were forced to play without Latta as a point guard. We played Amber (Holt) and Sheryl (Swoopes) at top because of that. It takes our rhythm off. We worked so hard to get to this point, and now we have to make another adjustment. Seattle was a great team to do it on, because they are big and they like to post up on point guards anyway.

On playing point guard:
It was different. Itís a position that I have never played. In the beginning, I was a little uncomfortable, but I settled into it and tried to find players and whoever was hot at the time I wanted to call plays to keep them involved. At this stage in the game, we are losing people left and right and everybody is having to play different positions and different minutes. Itís not where I want to be, but at the same time, I want to do whatever to help this team, and tonight it was playing point.

On the remainder of the season:
We just want to win. We only have a few games left to win and we are trying to win every one that we can. We want to go out there and be as aggressive as possible and just give ourselves a chance to be in the game. We have played back-to-back games and games every other day pretty much the whole month of August, so I think we are pretty prepared. Our mindset is to win as many as possible.

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