Postgame Quotes/Notes - Storm 65, L.A. 63

Aug. 28, 2011


On the final play:
We were trying to get Sue (Bird) a jump shot or an isolation for Lauren (Jackson) on the block. They did a good job guarding it and I didnít see exactly everything that happened. There was a scramble, there was contact and the officials called a foul.

On having Bird at the free throw line with the game on the line:
I donít know if weíd want anyone else up there besides her. We have a lot of good free throw shooters, but we have a lot of confidence in Sue.

On the Sparks:
I thought they played well. They usually sub a lot and rotate their players in but they stayed with five or six on the floor, their veterans, and they played well. They defended us well. And they made us defend as well. It was a challenge. It was a scenario that we had opportunities and for whatever reason weíd have a missed assignment or missed shot and we just couldnít do it. But I credit them. I thought we played pretty well. We played efficient, we didnít turn the ball over much, we scored off their turnovers, which is a good thing, and I felt they played a very solid game.


On the game:
At the end of any season these games are going to have a playoff feel. They have playoff implications. L.A. has their backs against the wall; theyíre fighting to get into the playoffs. Weíre fighting to stay in second. There has been a lot of shuffling going on. For us against a team that weíre going to face in two days this one was big.

On the next matchup:
Weíll just try to learn from this game. It was tough. We had opportunities to go up 10 and maybe extend that lead and I think they were able to get back into the game. Hopefully we can learn from this, see what worked, see what didnít, and I know theyíre going to be doing the same thing. I think itís going to be another battle.

On the last play:
In a tie game with that much time we just want to take the last possible shot ... worst case is you go to overtime. The play was designed for me to come off, and when I did they came and I kicked to Tanisha (Wright). Luckily the blocked shot ended up in my hands. They came running at me so hard I just pump faked and took the hit.

On clutch free throws versus clutch shots from the field:
I donít know. Those free throws for any player at the end of the game can be tough. Itís just you and the basket, but Iíll take a win any way I can get it.


On the upcoming rematch:
Today we won, but itís over now. Theyíre going to watch this film just like weíre going to and theyíre going to make changes and adjustments and we have to do the same thing .We have to get prepared and get rested. We have to go into the game with the mentality that itís going to be a tough one and make sure weíre in the position to win the game.

On the game:
Iím not going to say what I think because I donít want to get fined. I thought we played great defense. To come here and play that way is really a compliment to how the team has grown over the past few weeks. Itís just sad that it had to end that way because usually you let the players make the decisions in the games so that was probably the saddest part about it.

On how the Sparks can win:
To play the way we played tonight. We played good. To come in here and hold them to 65 points in their own place says a lot about our defense. We executed some good plays down the stretch in the second half and got some good looks at the basket. If we play this way for the next five games, we should be OK.

On the rivalry at KeyArena:
Itís a super environment and a beautiful place to play. If youíre an athlete, this is the kind of environment that you like to play in.

On the game:
We played them tough. We played well defensively, but it just didnít come out in our favor.

On the foul:
I donít have any thoughts about it.

On what the team needs to do down the stretch:
We need to win. If we play like that, I feel like weíll win all the games. Unfortunately, we donít have a lot of games left, but Iím still hopeful.

On the game:
I thought we played well defensively. We were right there. I donít want to talk about the last play and the foul they called because we shouldnít even be in that position. I thought we fought hard and this is an extremely hard team and a tough place to play. Iím glad that we fought hard, but unfortunately we didnít have enough to win the game. We still got a good shot at the end, but it just didnít go in. This was our best defensive effort and hopefully we continue to take steps forward and finish the season strong. We need to try and get a playoff spot.

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